Letter Press Effect in photoshop – video tutorial

You gotta see this amazing tutorial from TutCandy. Here you will learn how to use Photoshop to create a letterpress effect with your text. This is a really popular style in web and graphic design today. Enjoy 🙂


Frito Lay animation and advertising – with no chips!

Frito Lay has developed an interesting new campaign featuring 6 animated commercials with whimsical characters that are “Made for Each Other” –  just like chips and dip.  The first time I saw the “Little Bright Eyes” commercial, I instantly needed to know who created it. The commercials have no direct chip or snack reference, and this subtle advertising is making the them memorable and fun. All 6 commercials are designed by different companies, making each one unique. Love it.

Little Bright Eyes:



Love & Sockets:


Go to: The Inspiration Room to learn about the animators of each of these videos.


A collaboration of great minds, B-Reel & Goodby Silverstein & Partners have developed a new way to advertise snack food. Devoid of all chip grease and party dip reference,  madeforeathother.com is an interesting and interactive site that keeps you guessing. The designers created real miniature sets which were composited with 3D, 2D and hand-drawn elements that create a beautiful website. Even though the site isn’t always clear, it’s interesting enough to make you search and discover all for the games and videos embedded throughout. They won the FWA Site of the Day award on February 23rd. You can also watch the commercials and download the music that they play in the background. I love the idea of supporting the musician and I actually downloaded the Anya Marina CD (heard on the “Firesprite” commercial.) It’s one of my top fav’s right now.

So, Does this advertising make me want to buy chips and dip? Maybe not, but it makes me smile and its memorable! which means they may have succeeded…


Inspired Inspirers : Sharing the passion for Design

untitled-1Inspired-Inspirers is a place for people who inspire the world to show us who inspires them.

Every 2 weeks a new issue is released showcasing 4 new inspirers from all over the world.

This is a neat place where designers are showcased and they in turn share who inspires them. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. Spread it kids. – Mel