Letter Press Effect in photoshop – video tutorial

You gotta see this amazing tutorial from TutCandy. Here you will learn how to use Photoshop to create a letterpress effect with your text. This is a really popular style in web and graphic design today. Enjoy 🙂


Another Killer Music Video by OKGo: “This too Shall Pass”

The guys in OKGo are super creative and you never know what you’ll see next in their music videos. I applaud the team that built these contraptions for the “This too Shall Pass” music video. They are resourceful, witty and perfectionists when it comes to timing and measurement.
It’s just a good time. Check out the new video here >

A Poker Face Parody for Designers

OMG Have you seen this? Neutra Face: An Ode on a Typeface (A Bearded Poker Face Parody.) Like any appropriate design parody they mention Helvetica, sans-serif, leading and “bold-italic.” I love that geeks can go from conception to creation and this one will be stuck in my head all day. Lady GaGa would be proud.

(via HOW)

Career Tips from TKDA

Our friends over at The Keva Dine Agency always have something new going on. Get the all of the facts from Keva herself about getting a job, the importance of your resume and how to present yourself to make clients happy and earn yourself some cash.

Follow them on twitter@tkda or keep up with their great blog here. They are super friendly and really helpful if you’re looking for work. Check out their website here.

Sierra Mist makes you laugh

Marketing for a soft drink can go many different ways. I saw this commercial for Sierra Mist Ruby Splash last night and I immediately searched for the creator. It’s true… when I watch TV, all I see is the animated elements, the fonts and that great shot with a jib arm. The campaign was run by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners. That’s all I have for now, but when I get more details, I’ll pass them along. See the commercial:

This got me thinking, is this funny to the general public? Is humor the way to go? What do you think?