You know you work at a start-up when…

1. Your boss actually lives at the office and sleeps 10 feet away from your desk
2. Your conference room “D” is actually the dining room
3. Your work attire now includes your entire closet

4. You have phone cords running throughout the room
5. Your supply closet doubles as a skype call center
6. The co-founder of your company is your proof reader
7. When they ask for you, you have to say “hold on one minute” and pretend you actually have an assistant answering your calls before you come back and say “Hello”
8. The sales team brings eggs to cook for breakfast
9. You have actually taken a nap in the boss’ bed
10. You use your neighbor’s garage door as the back drop for your photo shoot
11. You have more food in the office fridge than your one at home
12. Your default password is the office dog

13. You drink with the boss on Fridays
14. You never know who will be there when you walk into the office
15. Your web developer keeps a trampoline in his trunk and you take lunch breaks in the park (or maybe that’s only artistic hub)
jump 4
16. You leave your slippers under your desk
17. You bring your plant from home to live on your desk
18. You recycle birthday decorations
19. You have so many roles your job definition is impossible
20. You wake up wondering what emergency will arise today
21. You’ve wrestled with a dog in the office, unsuccessfully trying to pry a condom from its mouth
22. You keep extra changes of clothes at the office for days you need a run, or get too sweaty making calls

23. Your office cleaning lady cleans your home, and does the shopping for both
24. Every spare wall in the house has a marker board on it
25. You laugh your ass off everyday because you are working with your best friends
26. You don’t remember who comes up with the next big idea anymore – your meetings are electric with ideas bouncing off the walls
27. And sometimes, when everything comes together just right you move at the speed of light

-written by Team Hub – Artistic

Feel free to share your start-up adventures! Add a comment and keep the list going…