WE HUB: Absolut Vodka

absolutvodkaWE HUB: Absolut Vodka

Every bottle of Absolut Vodka is created in Ahus Sweden and it’s rich, smooth taste has given it global recognition. Absolut was introduced in the US in 1979 and their bold, yet simple advertising campaigns have won them numerous awards – including a rank in the “Top 10 Campaigns” by Advertising Age in 1999.

Positivity, creativity, simplicity and community involvement. Their commercials are positive and funny! No 1/2 naked girls riding a bar bull here. No way… OH and their vodka isn’t bad either! 🙂

What if we used kindness instead of money? I love this commercial.
See how they are turning the idea into a movement: Absolutkindess.com

They also just launched a new campaign promoting responsible drinking habits called “Recognize the Moment.” Stay classy Absolut. 🙂

Absolut has run a few campaigns calling for community involvement and we would love help out with our voting application. Their “100 Absolutes” competition reportedly brought in 330,000 votes but with our voting application, we could knock it off the charts! (We have had over 839,000 votes for the Eteamz Photo competition in only 23 days.)

We could run a design competition for a limited edition bottle for their favorite charity, event or cause. “Absolut Art.” Their bottles have already become collectors’ items and having a bottle designed by someone in the art community would be a unique addition. See the limited edition “Summer” bottle they created for the UK and the “green” bottle they launched in Greece in 2008. Absolut has also released a limited edition bottle supporting the LGBT community. CA loves Absolut.


We could have the public creating, and voting on their favorite bottle designs. All of the designs in voting, can go directly into an online store to be purchased on-demand as posters. The Absolut website is already interactive and fun and our quick and simple application would integrate seamlessly as a great way to help them break into the interactive marketing sphere.

Don’t want to do bottles? How about posters only?

absolutad2 absolutad3 absolutad1

Their Absolut World campaign is hilarious and it would be fun to open it up to the public to create and vote on their own. These could also be purchased on-demand during the campaign. They have a similar contest running on Absolut World where you can create your own commercial and submit it onto their YouTube site.

Their witty and unique campaigns have a positive vibe which is WHY WE HUB THEM!

-M&M – Design Duo @ ArtisticHub.com