Jana Jelovac Illustrations – YES

I just stumbled across the these illustrations by Jana Jelovac. Very interesting layering of images and words and textures… very inspiring! See more by Jana here.

ALSO, see her profile on Behance


Like a Diorama but WAY Better!

I just came across the beautiful work of Meredith Dittmar and I am speechless. Her characters are fantastic and mystical and her themes are powerful. Keep creating Meredith! Get lost in her portfolio.

Worth a Click 09.11.09

40 Stunning Tilt-Shirt Images or Urbanity – interesting photography

Horizontal Navigation Menus: Trends, Patterns and Best Practices – another helpful article from smashing mag

FFFFound iphone app – Don’t know about you, but im getting this app RIGHT…. NOW…. FFFFound is one of my favorite things in life.

Six fonts that piss people off – funny article about typefaces that cause RAGE haha

Poster Cabaret – buy gig posters and artist prints – a good collection


Practical Tips for Taking Design Inspiration without copying – we are so saturated with the media and internet today that it’s hard to define your own style – good tips for newbies and oldies

NEW Design contests from Veer – $50,000 in prizes – holla

Remembering 9/11 – NBC’s photo gallery from the service today



8th Anniversary of Ray at Night – art, music and good people THIS SATURDAY – see you there

Art Walk by the Bay: Sept 12-13

2009 San Diego Music Award WINNERS

Have a good weekend everyone ~

GREAT Print Ads for Dragon Noodle Company

When the Dragon Noodle Shop in Vegas needed a a new eye-catching campaign, the LA-based company David & Goliath came to the rescue. These prints play up the classic cliches found in most Chinese restaurant ads and definitely catch MY eye! Great stuff.




(via Communication Arts)

A Drawing a Day

Studio 1482 has started One Drawing a Day, where you can find daily doodles from the desks to the internet. What a fun project! I’ll find pages and pages of thumbnails and strange sketches strewn all over my desk, but I’m not sure that they are worthy of posting. Sometimes I don’t even remember what they were for! That’s the best… Studio 1482 has some nice work on their site too. Happy doodling!


15 Awesome Stop-Motion Videos

Have you see these?

Her Morning Elegance / Oren Lavie – probably my favorite. very well done!

The Pen Story – his entire life through photos – cool

Stop motion for STM from Si j’aurais su – all made of paper! I can’t image how difficult that is

Fat City Reprise – Long Gone – cool – LOTS of photos. almost looks like a video

DEADLINE – Post-It Note animation, funny

Save the Date – cute animated wedding invitation

Wolf and Pig – this one gets really good around 1:00 – well done!

Human Skateboard By Sneaux Shoes – classic

Death Cab for Cutie – Little Bribes by Ross Ching – mix of stop-motion and time lapse

Human Tetris – funny

Sia- Breath Me – Music Video See a clearer version on her website. – love it

Moving Graffiti – absolutely amazing

We Have Band / You Came Out – music Video – very strange, but super interesting

Pelayo “CSI” From Motionographer. See how this was made. – cute – another hand-made one

Mykonos – music video – cool working with abstract shapes to create a story