Letter Press Effect in photoshop – video tutorial

You gotta see this amazing tutorial from TutCandy. Here you will learn how to use Photoshop to create a letterpress effect with your text. This is a really popular style in web and graphic design today. Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚


CURVY – YEN Mag releases an all female artist exhibition & book


YEN Magazine brings you an exhibition and book featuring 120 of the most exciting female graphic artists and illustrators in the world. This ALL-GIRL book, CURVY, is gaining some major attention in the art world and anticipation as they gear up to launch their 6th edition of the exhibition and book.

CURVY kicks off the national tour in Sydney:
April 2nd (tomorrow) @ Mori Gallery
168 Day Street Sydney (on the edge of China Town & Darling Harbour)
They will be releasing more tour dates soon.

The book includes works from:



Giulia Balladore

Tanja Szekessy

Sarah Larnach


Sara Blake

Ameesha Earshaw

See the complete list of Curvy artists and check back for tour dates.

YEN Magazine is an Austrailian, independent publication for women that focuses more on arts and society and less on how to look hot in your brand name bikini. Definitely worth a click. ๐Ÿ™‚


Digitalthread: Ultimate design resource

Mel turned me on to this great website called Digitalthread. They are a great online resource for only the best web design firms, top freelance portfolios, and graphic design resources from online submissions and discovered web sites.ย  I can’t believe I been in the design world and not known about them! The site is clean and easy to navigate through. The three buttons on the top left side allow the user to choose from 3 different buckets: webdesign gallery, design companies and designresources. They’ve done a great job at categorizing the content that goes under each section.


I found so many cool and interesting websites with just a few clicks. Definitely browse through the site. Mel and I will be featuring a new portfolio and website each week. Stay tuned.

Inspired Inspirers : Sharing the passion for Design

untitled-1Inspired-Inspirers is a place for people who inspire the world to show us who inspires them.

Every 2 weeks a new issue is released showcasing 4 new inspirers from all over the world.

This is a neat place where designers are showcased and they in turn share who inspires them. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. Spread it kids. – Mel

Inspiring Poster Design

So as I’m working on my movie poster, I’m searching for inspiration not only from other movie posters, but graphic design in general. I’ve found a lot of amazing work, and here is some of my favorites:


The Fountain 1

The Fountain 2

These are by: Tomaz Opansinski. Click to view his complete portfolio. His made some of the most compelling posters I’ve ever seen and you MUST go to the evolution section where you can see the before and after of his beautiful creations.

Max Payne


Dis-patch on tour

by Nebojsa Cvetkovic

Y al Este el Rio


Andrew Bird

Design By Gina Kelly

Neko Case

Design By The Small Stakes

Rilo Kiley

Design By Lure Design Inc.

Devendra Banhart

Design by Spike Press

The National

Design by Spike Press

Mates of State

Design By The Small Stakes


Today I am a Lot of Things


Adidas Poster

Some other blogs that are great sources of poster inspiration: Well Medicated – gig posters, Outlaw Design – movie posters, GigPosters.com – MORE gig posters ๐Ÿ™‚