Peek-a-BOO Party @ The Pearl


What are YOU doing for Halloween? Come to the Peek-a-BOO Party at the beautiful Pearl Hotel in San Diego. Our friends at LandMarK events are putting on a great night of drinking, dancing and of course – costumes! So if you don’t want to fight the downtown crowd, join us for a night no lines, no cover and all fun.

Here are the deets:

WHEN: October 31, 2009 > 8:30pm – 12:30am
WHERE: The Pearl Hotel
HOW: No Cover – Thank the Pearl Hotel 🙂
RSVP to:

PLUS – Share your best Halloween Photo of ALL-TIME in our Halloween Photo Contest! The Pearl is giving away a 1 night stay and a $100 for food and drink to the photo with the most votes. The Winner is chosen by the public, so submit your photo today and tell your friends and family to vote here.


This was Michelle and I last year and we have some great costumes lined up for this year!
Hope to see you @ The Pearl.



Mail Me Art 2

Check out this London-based project called Mail Me Art. They just launched the second installment of this contest and they are open for entries for 6-8 months! Designers and Illustrators from around the world create art on boxes, wood, envelopes… any size and shape you want, but the sent package has to be the art. (Hence the name Mail Me Art) Every month the best submission wins a copy of the Mail Me Art book and the chance to display their art in the exhibition and book. You can submit 1 piece of art per month, so get your creative on a enter the contest. I just want a reason to go to the exhibition in London 😉 Check out the Winner for July: Carla Berrocal.


Submit your own art.

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Cause for Drinks – event THIS WED

Holiday Matinee is celebrating 10 years of creativity and they want you to join! The Cause for Drinks event is happening THIS Wed in SD at the rooftop bar at the W hotel, downtown. If the 10 year anniversary isn’t enough cause for drinks, you will be pleased to know that they have teamed up with Friends of TOMS shoes and will be giving 25% back to the charity. *Good Stuff*

OH and there is still time to enter the 10 for 10 contest! They are giving away 10 prizes from TOMS Shoes, W Hotel, Pat & Oscar’s, Furni Creations, Feelgoodz, No Star Clothing, T-Post, Field Notes, EA Sports and a pair of tickets to Def Leppard & Poison. To get these prizes, all you have to do is take a photo/video of yourself doing something creative that you have never done before and email it to HM. CAKE. I think I’m going to try gymnastics. Who wants to video it?!

There will be tons of creative minds at the event, and of course, great drink specials. We will see you there…


Who is Holiday Matinee? (You want to know these guys)

Iglu & Hartly Design Competition: Winner 06.29.09

Congratulations Carly as this week’s winner in the Iglu & Hartly t-shirt design contest.

Congratulations Carly!

blastoff_pinkThis shirt is on sale now. BUY

About the Artist:

cat1. Name: Carly K. Meyer
2. Location: Central Coast California
3. What’s your sign: I’m a Sagittarius: Optimistic and freedom-loving, jovial and good-humored, honest and straightforward…descriptions I fit well.
4. Nickname: Carlos! This has been with me since 8th grade, went on the class DC trip where none of the name gift shop items came in “Carly”…so, I resorted to the closest thing, “Carlos”…so…from then on…thanks to my closest friends Christina & Jack…it stuck!
5. Paper or Plastic: I prefer the cute reusable graphic/decorative bags when shopping. These allow you to help the environment, all while sporting a bit ‘o flare!
6. Dog or Cat: MOST definitely a cat person by nature…and that can be seen w/ the wee one I adopted, at my local animal shelter, Merlin…a spastic lovable black cat. Who, might I add, has brought nothing but good luck!
7. Mac or PC: I’m totally PC…but, can work a Mac too…just prefer the ease of the PC…contrary to those quirky commercials.
8. If you could be a font what would you be? Carmencita, it’s fantastic! It reminds me of the front styling of a violin…it has a very romantic old world appeal to it.
9. Name 3 of your RSS feeds (what blogs/websites do you love): LOVE beyond words Apartment Therapy…they have such great ideas that I try and implement when going about my personal decorating as well as assisting friends. The other main one I like is MODERNCAT…it’s another portal that is great for ideas, this time targeting the cat lovers out there! 😉
10. How long have you been a fan of Iglu & Hartly? Checking out this group has actually been a recent endeavor, as in the past 3mos or so! And, what can I say…I’m hooked! Was SO stoked to see them perform live at the Billabong: Design for Humanity event in Los Angeles the other week. Great cause combined with great music!
11. What was your inspiration for this design? A couple of things really…1st of course is the main “&” symbol logo, and the hammer that is associated with it. I wanted it to appear as if the hammer had shattered my graphic. 2nd HAS to be the music…with its pure vibes: ocean air, beach, relaxing, surfing…my graphic evokes the free spirit of those who know what it’s like to wake up from camping at the beach and watch the sunrise…
12. What is your favorite medium? (paint, pencil, clay, t-shirts, posters, photography, etc): I could never settle for just one, I absolutely LOVE to express myself in different ways. Photography, painting, drawing, designing, decorating, clothing, hairstyles…etc! It’s the core of who I am and can honestly say that without a creative outlet, I couldn’t imagine the person I’d be!
13. What inspires you? Life. Those personal moments that happen whether people know what’s going on with you or not. It’s being able to express yourself without the forced need to explain yourself. The freedom and release of simply creating is such a liberating feeling. Unlike any other for me!
14. What is the most played on your itunes? Jazz and anything from the 60s/70s
15. Who are the designers/artists who have influenced or inspired you? Van-Gogh, Alphonse Mucha, Dali, Warhol, Monet , & Picasso. I’m also inspired by timeless eras such as the 20s, 50s, & 60s
16. Your personal website/twitter: PERSONAL: PHOTOGRAPHY:


Don’t forget about last week’s winner Nick with his awesome design “Gramophone” on sale now!


Think you can design better?
the next Iglu & Hartly tee and VOTE for your favorites.

Click to see the Official Iglu & Hartly store.

Iglu & Hartly Design Competition: Winner 06.15.09

Congratulations Nick! You are our winner for the second week in a row! Nick’s design “Blu” was superior this week. Buy. Check out the Iglu & Hartly’s design competition and vote while you listen to some of Iglu & Hartly’s awesome tunes. Submit and win some sweet prizes: including 2 free tickets to a concert of your choice!

Congratulations Nick!


Read Nick’s interview from last week here. And check out his other awesome design “Iglu-o-Saurs” in the store now!

Learn everything about Iglu & Hartly:

Get Cutsey, Toys for Tots inspiration

I’m super excited about the Toys for Tots design competition. I think it’s a really good charity for the community and designing for a cause gets me really excited. I’ve been having a little trouble clearing out my mind and coming up with a fresh idea. So for those of you with designers block here are a few ideas and some inspiration to help get you started designing:

Be cute. When I think of the design I would create for Toys for Tots I try to think back to things I went mental for in my childhood: climbing trees, playing tag, and terrorizing the neighborhood on my bike. Keep it young, playful, cute and not too serious. Try simplicity. Less is more in some cases. When designing you may also think about what a supporter of Toys for Tots might wear. Think American, Marines, patriotic, gifts, holidays etc. When I think of kids and designing for kids I think of games, stuffed animals, army men, pets, toys, dinosaurs, ponies, rainbows, bambi…you get the idea 🙂

For cuteness overload check out Meomi’s website:

Get inspired from cutsey patterns:

These whimsical painting from Trish Grantham are awesome:

Check out these cool tees for tots from

Ok these are even too cute for me. Hope this helps 🙂
We’ve already got a few awesome submissions from Jerron and Huebucket from collar free. Lets keep ’em coming.