20 Questions with Anke Weckmann

1. Name: Anke Weckmann
2. Location: London, England


3. Whats your favorite medium?
I draw my illustrations in ink on paper. so this is what I use most
often. When I have time I experiment with all kinds of other things in
my sketchbooks and make a big mess.

4. Whats your work environment like?
I work at a lovely big desk and get to look out of the window at a
beautiful tree all day. I need to be in a quiet space to really
concentrate and get things done, so it’s perfect.


5. What inspires you?
Shapes, colours, light and stories.

6. Whats messages or themes do you portray in your work?
With illustration, the messages are often given to you by the nature
of the commission. I love drawing characters and they’re central to my

7. Do you have a favorite piece that you have done? Which one and why?
I think my favourites are those I will work on next. I really love the
process of creating illustrations, but once they’re done, all I do is
think about the next thing.

8. What is your first art-making memory as a kid?
I used to make huge crayon drawings about fairytales when I was two
years old. And I loved fingerpaint, of course!

9. What are you doing when you are not drawing?
I like to go running and I’m trying to read more books. Going on
little adventures with my boyfriend. Truthfully, most of my time is
spent working. I find it very hard to stop.

10. If you could be a color what would you be?
Oh it would be too sad to be only one colour! I could never choose one.


11. What makes you smile?
At the moments, reading Moomin books makes me very happy.

12. Can’t stand:

13. Can’t live without:

14. Most played in your itunes?
I love listening to audio books when I’m working, at the moment it’s
the Inkheart trilogy.

15. Who are the designers/artists who have influenced or inspired you?
I don’t think I could narrow it down, every day different things and
different people inspire me. Growing up I really loved Ilon Wiklands
work and Janosch. I think they made me want to be an illustrator.

16. Name the websites/blogs that you cant live without.
Flickr, I think. There’s so many inspiring things to find.

17. Have you any advice for new and aspiring illustrators?
Never give up. I think everybody goes through really hard times.

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The first time I came across Anke’s website I fell in love, spending hours going through all of her work. She has been bookmarked in my google toolbar for years and I’m so excited to share some of her art with you! You can find her work in publications including Newsweek and Bang Art and she also has an online Etsy shop where you can purchase her gift cards, stickers and more. We’re glad to feature her here. Thanks again Anke! 🙂