Like a Diorama but WAY Better!

I just came across the beautiful work of Meredith Dittmar and I am speechless. Her characters are fantastic and mystical and her themes are powerful. Keep creating Meredith! Get lost in her portfolio.

Featured Artist: Cedric Smith

cedricI came across Cedric Smith in a magazine that was in my hotel room in Paris. I was so taken with his work that I carried the magazine around with for the rest of my trip because I had to look this guy up when I got home. Cedric is an amazing and accomplished artist, born in Philadelphia and currently resides in both Atlanta and Savannah, GA. He recently opened a show in Paris at the Galerie Nordine Zidoun. A self proclaimed artist and photographer, he likes collecting things such as old photos, vintage signs and antiques. His color choices and medium couldn’t be more perfect and I love how you can really tell what influences him through his work. Keep up with Cedric’s day to day thoughts on his blog. My favorite is the “Carrot Cake.” (upper right)



Featured Artist: Andy Howell

kv5i0203Growing up in Southern California I have a huge love of the skate culture. One of my  favorite artists epitomizes this lifestyle through his super expressive and colorful art;  Andy Howell. I stumbled upon Andy’s work when I was in high school and have been a huge fan ever since. Andy prefers mixed media, “anything fast, glue, gel mediums, tape, acrylic, aerosol enamels, pen and ink, anything loose and fast.” This pro-skater/artist transplant has revolutionized the skate industry.

His extensive resume includes numerous gallery showings worldwide, magazine covers, major campaigns from big brands like Coca-Cola to DC Shoes, created extensive clothing and branding lines, featured in periodical publications such as Juxtapoz, Print, HOW, Create and Communication Arts. The guy introduced the first baggy jeans designed specially for the boardsports industry. Wow. This man has done some serious things!

Andy is the founding father of the street/skate/art movement and has continuously evolved with this ever changing culture. Can’t wait to see what comes next from Mr. Howell.

Read the complete bio about Andy on his zazzle store, where you can pick up some really sweet items he designed for next to nothing.

Just a few of my favorites:



Check out his new book: Art, Skateboarding, and Life. It’s a sweet 304 page hardcover book with 2 DVD set with tons of interviews and videos of Andy and other artists and skateboarders. I can’t wait to get my hands on one!



La Machine: Giant Spider in Liverpool

Have you seen this?!


“As part of Liverpool’s Capital of Culture year, the French group La Machine were commissioned to create a large piece of street theatre, on the scale of their earlier work, the Sultan’s Elephant. Many were expecting to see something using the iconic Liverbirds, the symbol of the city but instead we got a spider. The total cost of the event was £1.8 million and caused some complaints about how the funds could better be used. It also attracted protests from arachnophobe groups about how it would terrify some people. Despite these complaints the event drew in over 200,000 people in the few days it was on and produced something wondrous that got everyone in the region talking.” – Peter Carr

Here are some of Peter’s amazing photos:


The 50-foot spider was names La Princesse and is carefully operated by 13 different people. “Its an incredibly complex operation, with 50 hydraulic axes of movement, but looks so natural and easy to the outside observer.” -Peter


See More: Peter Carr Photography | The Boston Article with more info | La Machine Website