Awesome Animated Video for the Yellow Bird Project

I know I already posted about the Yellow Bird Project a while back, but I had to share this new video I just saw on their site. This non-profit company works with an amazing range of indie rock musicians to create unique t-shirt designs that benefit an array of charities, each chosen by the musicians. Music + T-Shirts + Art + Charity. What a cool idea.

They have just released this new animated video with their original theme song written by “The Tallest Man on Earth” and animated by Jonathan Lindley. I love this sweet animation made with paper. Watch below, or check it out here.



The Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego is bringing back TNT (Thursday Night Thing) THIS Thursday, November 5th. Come see the first major museum survey of Tara Donavan’s grand sculptures. Donavan is most known for her mass accumulation of ordinary objects and even received the 2008 MacArthur “genius” award. Holla! I love to be swallowed by art and I’m intrigued by the scale of her work. If that wasn’t enough, TNT also features arts and crafts led by Dave Adey, performances by Addi Somekh, DJ set by Monkey Mark and live music by Birds and Batteries. General tickets are $10, Students are $7 and members are free. After filling up on an evening of art and culture, head over to the W Hotel for some drinks with our friends from Holiday Matinee. See you there!

Zank Live at the Beauty Bar SD

Our favorite local musician Zank is playing a show tonight at The Beauty Bar in San Diego with fellow musicians, Anthony Molinaro, Allen Mautner & Chad Farran from Superunloader . If you’re in town we’d love to see you come out and support local music and maybe spruce up your nails at the same time! To get an idea of what an acoustic orgasm sounds like check out their video from the studio this weekend. I was lucky enough to watch these guys record a new demo at Big Fish studios in Escondido on Saturday. What a treat! Hope to see you there. zank_BeautyBar22Oct09

Tracy Chapman – LIVE MUSIC does a body good


I went to the Tracy Chapman concert at Humphrey’s By the Bay in SD last night. The venue is awesome, with fold-out chairs gathered on grass, the bay on one side and the stars above. Ten feet away from the audience is the harbor with sailboats where people gather to get a glimpse of the concert. The sun sets with the girls and I enjoying a drink and listening to Tracy belt out her lyrics with such ease. She seemed so casual, like it was effortless. After the show I couldn’t play any other music or TV show because I didn’t want to taint my ears, and I fell into the deepest sleep I’ve had in a while.  Live music does  a body good.

You have to check out her new CD (even though I’m partial to the oldies) and her new website which is interactive and fun. It starts as a white coloring book and it let’s you choose your color and paint the scene. Each web page offers a new scene to color and is a metaphor for her new CD “Bright New Future.” Let’s all see what impact we can make on the world.


Iglu & Hartly Design Competition: Winner 07.06.09

Congratulations Nick, on your 4th official win! Nick has been dominating the Iglu & Hartly t-shirt design contest. Check out some of his other popular designs in Iglu & Hartly’s online store. If you’re not familiar with Iglu & Hartly you need to be. Follow them on twitter @igluandhartly and check out some of their tunes on their website. Yay Nick!

Congratulations Nick!

ANDEXPLODEThis shirt is on sale now. BUY . Nick’s other great designs:


Think you can design better?
the next Iglu & Hartly tee and VOTE for your favorites.

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Iglu & Hartly Design Competition: Winner 06.29.09

Congratulations Carly as this week’s winner in the Iglu & Hartly t-shirt design contest.

Congratulations Carly!

blastoff_pinkThis shirt is on sale now. BUY

About the Artist:

cat1. Name: Carly K. Meyer
2. Location: Central Coast California
3. What’s your sign: I’m a Sagittarius: Optimistic and freedom-loving, jovial and good-humored, honest and straightforward…descriptions I fit well.
4. Nickname: Carlos! This has been with me since 8th grade, went on the class DC trip where none of the name gift shop items came in “Carly”…so, I resorted to the closest thing, “Carlos”…so…from then on…thanks to my closest friends Christina & Jack…it stuck!
5. Paper or Plastic: I prefer the cute reusable graphic/decorative bags when shopping. These allow you to help the environment, all while sporting a bit ‘o flare!
6. Dog or Cat: MOST definitely a cat person by nature…and that can be seen w/ the wee one I adopted, at my local animal shelter, Merlin…a spastic lovable black cat. Who, might I add, has brought nothing but good luck!
7. Mac or PC: I’m totally PC…but, can work a Mac too…just prefer the ease of the PC…contrary to those quirky commercials.
8. If you could be a font what would you be? Carmencita, it’s fantastic! It reminds me of the front styling of a violin…it has a very romantic old world appeal to it.
9. Name 3 of your RSS feeds (what blogs/websites do you love): LOVE beyond words Apartment Therapy…they have such great ideas that I try and implement when going about my personal decorating as well as assisting friends. The other main one I like is MODERNCAT…it’s another portal that is great for ideas, this time targeting the cat lovers out there! 😉
10. How long have you been a fan of Iglu & Hartly? Checking out this group has actually been a recent endeavor, as in the past 3mos or so! And, what can I say…I’m hooked! Was SO stoked to see them perform live at the Billabong: Design for Humanity event in Los Angeles the other week. Great cause combined with great music!
11. What was your inspiration for this design? A couple of things really…1st of course is the main “&” symbol logo, and the hammer that is associated with it. I wanted it to appear as if the hammer had shattered my graphic. 2nd HAS to be the music…with its pure vibes: ocean air, beach, relaxing, surfing…my graphic evokes the free spirit of those who know what it’s like to wake up from camping at the beach and watch the sunrise…
12. What is your favorite medium? (paint, pencil, clay, t-shirts, posters, photography, etc): I could never settle for just one, I absolutely LOVE to express myself in different ways. Photography, painting, drawing, designing, decorating, clothing, hairstyles…etc! It’s the core of who I am and can honestly say that without a creative outlet, I couldn’t imagine the person I’d be!
13. What inspires you? Life. Those personal moments that happen whether people know what’s going on with you or not. It’s being able to express yourself without the forced need to explain yourself. The freedom and release of simply creating is such a liberating feeling. Unlike any other for me!
14. What is the most played on your itunes? Jazz and anything from the 60s/70s
15. Who are the designers/artists who have influenced or inspired you? Van-Gogh, Alphonse Mucha, Dali, Warhol, Monet , & Picasso. I’m also inspired by timeless eras such as the 20s, 50s, & 60s
16. Your personal website/twitter: PERSONAL: PHOTOGRAPHY:


Don’t forget about last week’s winner Nick with his awesome design “Gramophone” on sale now!


Think you can design better?
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Iglu & Hartly Design Competition – Weekly Winner

Iglu & Hartly is running a weekly design competition with awesome prizes, including 2 free tickets to their concert! Every week we will be interviewing the winner and sharing it with you. PS – if you don’t know who Iglu & Hartly is… YOU SHOULD. They are an amazing band with an insane style. Their music is fun and they are electric on stage. Listen Here.

Congratulations Morgan!


This shirt is ON SALE NOW! BUY


1. Name: Morgan
2. Location: Ojai!
3. What’s your sign: Taurus
4. Nickname: Mo
5. Paper or Plastic: paper is best
6. Dog or Cat: german shep
7. Mac or PC: PC
8. If you could be a font what would you be? I just remember using comic sans a lot when i was younger
9. What blogs/websites do you love? i do facebook a lot, texts from last night, and unfortunately perez hilton
10. School/Grad year: Loyola Marymount University/ May 2010
11. Company: (if applicable) none
12. How long have you been a fan of Iglu & Hartly? dont remember when, but i was a fan when they opened up for shiny toy guns at ventura theatre
13. What was your inspiration for this design? i like pop art, so this worked
14. What is your favorite medium? i like it all, but i loveeee ceramics
15. What inspires you? everything i guess?
16. What is the most played on your itunes? iglu and hartly of course, plus lil wayne


Think you can design better?
the next Iglu & Hartly tee and VOTE for your favorites.

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WE HUB: Iglu & Hartly

iglu_blog3WE HUB: Iglu & Hartly

WHO IS IGLU & HARTLY: Colorado transplants to California’s Echo Park, Iglu & Hartly have hit the ground running with their new album, “& Then Boom.” Their sound is Tom Petty meets The Pointer Sisters in a neon karaoke bar in Tokyo singing Tina Turner. The music is super fun with a mix of pop and hip-hop that will keep you dancing all night.


WHY WE HUB THEM: These guys are good! They know how to put on an awesome live show and these days that is what really matters in the music industry. At Artistic Hub, we love to support bands and live music. Their high-energy shows are enough to make anyone love them. We were lucky enough to see them last Friday at 710 Beach Club in Pacific Beach. One word: amazing.


HOW WE ARE HELPING: Artistic Hub and Iglu & Hartly have joined forces to create a custom design competition for the next Iglu & Hartly t-shirt.
Prizes include: free tickets to concert of your choice, chance to become the official tour t-shirt, copy of  “& Then Boom,”  limited edition 7″ vinyl of “Violent & Young,” and a signed poster from Iglu & Hartly. The contest starts today and a new winner will be announced each week until August 30th. Get your submissions in today and win! Download the template here. Not a designer? We still need your help! Show your support for Iglu & Hartly by voting for your favorite designs to help pick the next winner. You can buy all designs on-demand through their sweet on-demand storefront.


Iglu & Hartly call their music, “not pop music as a one-night stand. This is pop music you marry. Feel good, but take it home with you.” Their high-energy, genre blending tunes and amazing live shows is why WE HUB THEM! Keep up with Iglu & Hartly on myspace, facebook, twitter and!

-Mel & Michelle