High Trek Adventure San Diego


Last weekend Mel and I teamed up to participate in San Diego’s first ever High Trek Adventure. We designed High Trek’s new storefront and decided a team building exercise with the Artistic Hub/Collar Free crew would be a perfect Saturday afternoon. Split into teams of two, Jimmy and Pat and Mel and I hit the streets of San Diego. Dressed to kill with our matching Collarfree Obama tees, headbands and matching socks we were ready to dominate anyone that got in our way. Mel and I recommend High Trek Adventure to everyone! We had a blast exploring the city in a new way. There were about 180 participants ranging from teams of two to groups of families, and there was even a baby!

High Trek Adventure is a unique urban race where brain meets brawn. Teams solve clever clues and face fun challenges all while navigating the urban landscape via foot or public transportation. That means: no cabs, bikes or skates. You have to bring your digital camera and take pics in front of each checkpoint. Mel and I prefer to jump. Jason Hofsess, High Trek’s head honcho was super nice and excited to have everyone there. The next adventure is April 11th in Austin.



High Trek Results:
Jimmy and Pat came in 8th with a time of 2:02:35
Mel and I came in 22nd with a time of 2:33:55

You know what that means?!!! The top 25 qualify for the Vegas Championship in November and we’re there baby!

Check out High Trek and find out when an adventure is coming to a city near you:
High Trek Blog , High Trek Adventure Official Gear , High Trek Adventure website

We just wanted to thank High Trek, specifically Jason for letting us come out and particpate in such a great event! Can’t wait to do it again.

-michelle & mel

Missing my Design Partner…

My graphic design co-worker and other half, Michelle, has been traveling in Europe for a few weeks and I miss her! I’ve been taking good care of Stan (her plant) OH – and all of the design work for Collar Free, Artistic Hub and Cutco Print. HA.

Well Stan says hello and he misses you too…


Have a safe trip home and I can’t wait to hear ALL about it.

I’m sure she’ll be posting some fun stories and photos of Italy and wherever else they made it to!

We’ll keep you updated. 🙂


Social Media Workshops with Artistic Hub


Our new company, Artistic Hub, is now putting on Social Media Workshops and we may be coming to a city near you! (YES, that’s our big hub family jumping above. Look at our company grow! 🙂 )
We are proud to announce our second social media workshop is in SAN DIEGO. NBC: San Diego knows what’s up. – read their article about our workshops. OH – and The Daily Aztec Article. (If this was an audio blog, I would be playing “Get Around” by the Beach Boys RIGHT NOW)

The event will be April 11th at San Diego State and has been organized in conjunction with the SDSU Entrepreneur Society. We want to thank them for their involvement and 5% of all registrations go to support their event.


Here is more about the event, what we believe, and who should attend.

We believe 2 things:

1. There are a lot of tools out there, but only a few necessary ones to get the biggest results
2. Success with social media is directly related to the idea of Social Capital

Our workshop is going to focus on these two things and give you tools you need to be successful. You will leave today with a new or improved blog, an impressive LinkedIn account, an understanding of Facebook ads, your own social community on Ning, an e-commerce store on Zazzle, and the knowledge to harness Twitter effectively.

Who should attend:
Small business owners who want to leverage social media to attract more customers
Students looking to use social media in business or to start a business
Professionals who want to use social media to monitor their competitors, attract more customers, or increase their social capital


Conference Agenda:
9:00 – 9: 15 Introductions – Jimmy Hendricks, CEO of Collar Free Inc. and Artistic Hub

9:15 – 9:45 Opening Talk: Building Social Capital – Patrick Dillon, President of Collar Free Inc

10:00 – 12:00 Build a Foundation through Blogging – Jimmy Hendricks
· Purpose
· Power of blogging
· How to setup a blog on WordPress.com
· Writing
· Management and tracking analytics
· Reading and feeding (Using RSS feeds)
· Commenting and growing your traffic

12:00 – 1:00 Lunch is included

12:20 – 12:50 Facebook Lunch Steven Cox, CEO and Founder of Takelessons.com
· Overview of pages and groups
· Using Facebook advertising

1:00 – 2:00 Linkedin – Speaker being finalized
· The power of LinkedIn
· Using groups
· Building your network
· Using it effectively

2:00 – 3:00 Ning for your own social network – Jennifer Mitchell, Principal, JMPR Communication

3:00 – 3:15 Break

3:15 – 4:00 Zazzle.com for easy on-demand e-commerce, Patrick Dillon

4:00 – 4:30 Twitter – Ingrid Sanders, GM Online Advertising, The Active Network, @ingridsan
· What is it good for?
· How to use it?
· Brand monitoring
· Good tools

4:30 – 5:00 Wrap-up: The path to expert – Jimmy Hendricks

6:00 – ? Social and Networking Mixer at a local bar/restaurant – TBD

Additional workshop dates and cities include:
March 27 – Omaha, NE – Register Here
May TBD – LA
July TBD – Washington DC
September TBD – Chicago

PS- $50 discount for students! YAY

See you there – Mel

Over and Out!!!

img_0019Hey guys,
Mel will be solo the next two weeks while I’ll be traveling through Europe. First stop, Rome. Then Paris to Budapest and finding my way back to Italy, hopefully stopping in some sweet spots along the way. I’ll try to update my adventures when I’m near a computer and not drooling over some baroque church. Mel will hold down the fort with plenty of sick posts. Stay tuned.

Films to add to your MUST SEE list

Last night was Oscar night I attended an Oscar soiree to enjoy the awards and take part in a little friendly wager. The Oscars are a lot more interesting when there is money involved! The awards reminded me of the movies I need to see and with Kate Winslet’s acceptance speech fresh on my mind, “The Reader” is first on my list.

On that note, Michelle and I have compiled a list of movies we’ve seen recently that were NOT mentioned at the Academy Awards, were not all made in 2008, but were all EXCELLENT.

Towelhead – Absolutely compelling. I couldn’t get this movie out of my head for days.


XXY – a beautiful and brave story that you could only see from an independent film


Volver – very entertaining! Shows the unity of women and an excellent performance from Penelope Cruz. LOVE it.


Bella – a endearing story of love


Frauleine – a interesting interaction that lets us explore more about two women and their everyday lives – GREAT characters


Lust, Caution – sexual, violent, deceitful and loving. an excellent movie.


The Squid and the Whale hilarious story about a typical dysfunctional family. Cast couldn’t be more perfect.


Smart People – very funny with unexpected twists – much better than this poster design. i promise.


Manufactured Landscapes a fantastic documentary with stunning imagery of man-made material and debris in China from the Industrial Revolution. Highly recommended.


The Contemporary Jewish Museum

contemporary-jewish-museum-san-franciscoI had the pleasure of visiting the Contemporary Jewish Museum a few weeks ago on my trip to SF. If you don’t know which one this is, it’s the big blue one that looks like it balancing on it’s side.

The architecture itself was a piece of art and I thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience. The CJM is the first to host the Story Corps Story Booth. I was nearly in tears as we listened to these stories from people young and old… some spoke of struggles and some spoke of love. There is something endearing about story telling. The voices were loud, almost larger than life and everyone gathered around the hear and share with this voice as if the person was standing right in the room with us.

storycorps_lgThe Story Corp is an amazing project. Since 2003, over 35,000 everyday people have shared life stories with family and friends in their Story Booths. Each conversation is recorded on a free CD to share, and is preserved at the Library of Congress. Millions listen to the broadcasts on public radio and the web. StoryCorps is one of the largest oral history projects of its kind. What a great idea! And audio history book, told through people’s interactions and experiences of the historical events instead of the events themselves. Love it.

freudOf course we enjoyed the ever-popular Andy Warhol exhibition entitled :”Warhol’s Jews: Ten Portraits Revisited.” It was an interesting piece that included portraits of Sigmund Freud, The Marx Brothers, George Gershwin, Franz Kafka, Gertrude Stein and more. It was interesting to see which people he chose for this work and his examination on why people came to see it. This exhibition in particular has created quite a controversy over the years, but we wouldn’t expect any less from Warhol.

Contemporary Jewish Museum, San FranciscoIn the special events of “Yud” Gallery, we were completely engulfed in the sounds created by John Zorn. Titled the “Aleph-Bet Sounds Project,” the music and voice danced off of the slanted walls and the people in the room seemed to reflect the space. They would wander and then stop with their heads tilted to one side as if to hear more clearly or as if they remembered these sounds.  I love to watch the people in the space, sharing in the experience. I always wonder about where people go inside themselves when they experience a piece of art such as this. I loved this space and I wanted to fill the floor with dance.

The current exhibitions are The Story Booth Project, Dateline 09, Jews on Vinyl, and a Bay Jewish Portrait. This new museum is now on my must-see list whenever I’m in the bay area. See the CJM Schedule.


OBAMA: Our 44th President

obamaposter2YAY OBAMA! I can’t imagine the pride, joy and pressure that is upon Obama today and will continue for the rest of his term. Good Luck Obama… let’s party!

Check out the Entertainment Guide to Inauguration Events going on all day in San Diego.

The event at the Whistle Stop Bar is going on right now and a portion of all bar proceeds go to the San Diego chapter of the International Rescue Committee. We know it’s 10am… but if you’re not at work, go drink and support! 😉

Our friend Jay Brown is having a party downtown tonight. Check it out:


We are still here!

With the economy the way it is, we have been swamped with work and have had to take a little haitus from our blog. Michelle and I will be back full force starting Monday with interviews from new artists, weekly updates on projects we are working on and more inspiration for us all! Have a good weekend everyone!


Say Farewell to the Poloroid

poloroidsmPolaroid has just announced that it will discontinue the production of instant Polaroid film. They halted production of cameras about a year ago and they said this would officially be the last month of production. With every camera and cellphone giving you instant photos, the love of the Polaroid was doomed to fizzle.

This is a sad day for all. I have owned my Polaroid for only about 2/3 years and I am a huge fan. The gritty quality, color and shape of the little images is so unique and you never know what you’re going to get! With Polaroids you won’t have all of your friends instantly looking over your shoulder to see if they look fat in that pic and demanding a re-shoot. It’s captures a moment and there is no going back.

polaroid_newPolaroid has just released a new PoGo Instant Printer, which prints 2×3 inch photos with a peel off sticky back using no ink (Learn about this new print by ZINK) It’s great, but just not the same. Let’s see if this catches on…

People have banned together online and in blogs to share their stories about the original Polaroids. Check out SavePolaroid.com to share your instant photos and to learn how you can help Save the Polaroids!

See an old Polaroid commercial from the 60’s: (Kind of hard to see – but still entertaining!)

Here is another adorable Polaroid commercial.