Daily Deal Website Design Tips

We have been spending a lot of time lately reviewing daily deal site designs. We have had a lot of requests for custom deal branding for our daily deal software, Deal Current, and we wanted to share tips, sites for critique, and sites we have designed.

Groupon is one of the hottest internet companies on the web today and this is due to the fact they are a steward to their brand. We feel the foundation of a great company is brand design. The way you communicate each element of your brand through design determines the initial impression and lasting memory you leave with a customer.

Here are some tips:

  1. The brand initially starts with the name. Try not to use “Deal of the Day” or “Daily Deal”. Deal in the title is OK, but keep it short and simple.
  2. Try to have a mascot or at least an icon that people can associate your brand with.
  3. Keep the design simple. You don’t want to distract from the purpose of selling the deal.
  4. Make sure the deal title, main image, and buy button are the 3 most prominent focal points.

Here are some sites we found that we weren’t too fond of:

The next two are from the site Media Web Connect. They have created their software on a template system and the design customization capabilities are minimal. Also its hard to see the buy button on the sites and there doesn’t seem to be any guidance with design standards and color choice.

Media Web Connect Deal of the Day Design Media Web Connect Deal of the Day Design

The following two are from the site Tippr. Tippr runs their own daily deal site and is licensing their platform out to 3rd parties. We like their site, but their 3rd party sites seem to be the same template and brand. Usability is clear, but the design is pretty plain.

Tippr Daily Deal Site Design Tippr Deal of the Day Design

Here are some sites our clients designed on our platform that we love:

IDineDeals.com is from the Rewards Network. They implemented a very clean design with a clear focus on the offer each day.

Deal of the Day Design by Deal Current

Another one of our clients Morgan’s Deals implemented their brand with a great sense of style leaning towards the female demographic.

The design is clean and the messaging is clear. These are the key elements to a good e-commerce and daily deal site.

Deal Current Daily Deal Site Design

Another one of our favorites is by DiscoverSD here in San Diego. They call their program the Hookup and have an excellent sense of brand. Their program is a weekly deal and each week they feature the coming weeks deal upfront. This builds the momentum and ensures a strong day of sales each week.

Deal Current Deal of the Day Design

Vintage books get a facelift

While perusing a bookstore in a Malaysian mall and I came across lots of beautiful classic books with beautifully done covers. They are simple, attractive and get right to the point. Love them!

Check out all of the Vintage Classics here

Other great book covers:
“Two Caravans” by Marina Lewycka
“The Buddha of Suburbia” by Hanif Kureishi
“Metamorphosis & Other Stories” by Franz Kafka

Worth a Click

A collection of links that we loved this week.

Incredible Retro Work of Mathiole – holla at a local SDSU student 😉 – REALLY beautiful work

Typedia – an encyclopedia of typefaces – a typographers dream!

25 Sites with Lighting Effects – A 3-part post with a great collection of beautiful web design – good inspiration

8 ways to drive a graphic designer man – absolutely hilarious

Marketing Rules and Principles for Freelancers – good tips from Smashing on how to market yourself

20 Fresh & New Design Galleries – really good source for new inspiration – unique because they include inspiration sites that are specific.
EX: inspiration for portfolios/website footers/shopping carts/html5/type/blogs and more…

20 awesome Illustrators for Inspiration – i love the illustrators – their brains work differently

<Funny things for your lunch break>

Don’t Judge My Hair – a.ridiculous b.funny c.disturbing  d.all of the above.


Photoshop Disasters – see hideous photoshop mistakes on real ads – funny
Can you see whats wrong with this photo? Let’s hold hands…


We hope everyone has an amazing Friday –

Iglu & Hartly Design Competition – Weekly Winner

Iglu & Hartly is running a weekly design competition with awesome prizes, including 2 free tickets to their concert! Every week we will be interviewing the winner and sharing it with you. PS – if you don’t know who Iglu & Hartly is… YOU SHOULD. They are an amazing band with an insane style. Their music is fun and they are electric on stage. Listen Here.

Congratulations Morgan!


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1. Name: Morgan
2. Location: Ojai!
3. What’s your sign: Taurus
4. Nickname: Mo
5. Paper or Plastic: paper is best
6. Dog or Cat: german shep
7. Mac or PC: PC
8. If you could be a font what would you be? I just remember using comic sans a lot when i was younger
9. What blogs/websites do you love? i do facebook a lot, texts from last night, and unfortunately perez hilton
10. School/Grad year: Loyola Marymount University/ May 2010
11. Company: (if applicable) none
12. How long have you been a fan of Iglu & Hartly? dont remember when, but i was a fan when they opened up for shiny toy guns at ventura theatre
13. What was your inspiration for this design? i like pop art, so this worked
14. What is your favorite medium? i like it all, but i loveeee ceramics
15. What inspires you? everything i guess?
16. What is the most played on your itunes? iglu and hartly of course, plus lil wayne


Think you can design better?
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