Aaron Smith


I agree Aaron. The most important thing about painting is the experience. I always say – the process is more important than the result.

Love this work by Aaron Smith. So much life and color and yet also so still. Beautiful. See more of his work here.

(via Booooooom: http://www.booooooom.com/2012/09/04/aaron-smith/)


Goldrun creates virtual stores for Airwalk

Airwalk launched it’s invisible pop-up store with the help from the teams at Goldrun and Y&R last November. The virtual store could be accesed using their cellphones in 2 locations: Washington Square, NYC and Venice Beach, CA. The users could download the application, go to the locations and hold up their phone. They would then discover images of limited edition Airwalk shoes around them which they could tap on and then purchase.

Goldrun has since launched many other campaigns utilizing augmented reality for companies including Bloomingdales, Esquire, H&M and more! I have a feeling this new dynamic, interactive tool will influence marketing for years to come.

OH and watch out for the founder Vivian Rosenthal. She’s creating quit a success story with her new company Goldrun and you should definietly add her to the ‘people you should know’ list.

Want to know more? Watch this Video about the Airwalk campaign
pretty sweet…


Google logo today combines dance and animation beautifully

The google logo today is a little animation by Ryan Woodward. His animation combines dance and simple lines to create movement and emotion that is just beautiful. A friend sent me a link to another animation that he had done and I was captivated. His new work is called “Conte Animated” and it combines gesture drawing of the human figure, 2d animation and contemporary dance. Being a dancer and an artist, this work really speaks to me and I love everything about it.

Watch the video here:

More about Ryan Woodward.

Designer you should know: Erica Eden

Erica Eden is a senior Industrial Designer at Smart Design and a founding member of the Femme Den.

Why is she is cool?
Erica is a part of Femme Den which focuses on developing a deeper understanding of how to design for gender. Women buy or influence up to 80% of consumer goods, so Femme Den focuses on improving design for women. They also strive to end stereotypes on how to design for women (for example: make it small and pink) and work to develop new techniques based on how women interact with a product. Their vision is inspiring and influential in today’s market. Erica mentions in her AIGA presentation that in industrial design, only 10-15% of the designers are women. Read more about the Femme Den on Fast Company.

You can see Erica in action in this great video presentation where she speaks about designing for women.
She explores some of the products designed especially for women and why they were successful. (or NOT successful)
AIGA Business and Design Conference 2010: Erica Eden

You can also learn more about Erica here: Q & A with Eden on the New York times.

Rock on, Erica Eden.

New FUZE drink commercial films puppets upside-down – say what?

I just saw a new FUZE drink commercial on TV and I immediately searched for the creators. The characters were quirky and interesting and I couldn’t tell how much was animation and how much was film. After coming across this article, I discovered the unique process that went into making this commercial. They filmed puppeteers in costumes upside-down and added animation at the end. Say what?! Check out the commercial and the ‘behind the mix’ video all about how they made these characters come to life.

Kudos to the director Aaron Duffy from 1st Avenue Pictures and the puppet creators from Randy Carfagno Productions.

Check out one of their new commercials:

Check out the ‘Behind the Mix’ video and peek into the creative process:

Awesome Animated Video for the Yellow Bird Project

I know I already posted about the Yellow Bird Project a while back, but I had to share this new video I just saw on their site. This non-profit company works with an amazing range of indie rock musicians to create unique t-shirt designs that benefit an array of charities, each chosen by the musicians. Music + T-Shirts + Art + Charity. What a cool idea.

They have just released this new animated video with their original theme song written by “The Tallest Man on Earth” and animated by Jonathan Lindley. I love this sweet animation made with paper. Watch below, or check it out here.

Great poster for our new office

Here at Artistic Hub, we are gearing up to move to a brand new office in downtown San Diego. I am excited to do a little house cleaning.. or should I say a LOT of house cleaning. As our moving date gets closer, I am trying to find a few fresh items to spice up the new office. This poster by Material girl makes me smile. I’ll take one please! Now I just need to find the perfect vintage frame. Thrift stores, here I come…