Goldrun creates virtual stores for Airwalk

Airwalk launched it’s invisible pop-up store with the help from the teams at Goldrun and Y&R last November. The virtual store could be accesed using their cellphones in 2 locations: Washington Square, NYC and Venice Beach, CA. The users could download the application, go to the locations and hold up their phone. They would then discover images of limited edition Airwalk shoes around them which they could tap on and then purchase.

Goldrun has since launched many other campaigns utilizing augmented reality for companies including Bloomingdales, Esquire, H&M and more! I have a feeling this new dynamic, interactive tool will influence marketing for years to come.

OH and watch out for the founder Vivian Rosenthal. She’s creating quit a success story with her new company Goldrun and you should definietly add her to the ‘people you should know’ list.

Want to know more? Watch this Video about the Airwalk campaign
pretty sweet…



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