Designer you should know: Erica Eden

Erica Eden is a senior Industrial Designer at Smart Design and a founding member of the Femme Den.

Why is she is cool?
Erica is a part of Femme Den which focuses on developing a deeper understanding of how to design for gender. Women buy or influence up to 80% of consumer goods, so Femme Den focuses on improving design for women. They also strive to end stereotypes on how to design for women (for example: make it small and pink) and work to develop new techniques based on how women interact with a product. Their vision is inspiring and influential in today’s market. Erica mentions in her AIGA presentation that in industrial design, only 10-15% of the designers are women. Read more about the Femme Den on Fast Company.

You can see Erica in action in this great video presentation where she speaks about designing for women.
She explores some of the products designed especially for women and why they were successful. (or NOT successful)
AIGA Business and Design Conference 2010: Erica Eden

You can also learn more about Erica here: Q & A with Eden on the New York times.

Rock on, Erica Eden.


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