Collecting the Mail: Handmade books

I stumbled onto this great blog where the bookbinder saved all of her junk mail envelopes to use as pages of very unique journals. What an obvious and super fun idea for a book. She started with stacks (signatures) of cut open junk mail envelopes.

And ended up with these beauties:

All of the journals have envelopes for pages with the security patterns, plastic windows and stamps left in tact. I can’t wait to make my own. Thanks Rhonda from Canada 🙂Rhonda’s has great ideas for all kinds of books. Check out more of her work and blog here.

1 thought on “Collecting the Mail: Handmade books

  1. Hey Scott!
    Just got this from You, Thanks! Cool idea. Do You know where they are from?
    Haven’t forgotten, nor, put Piggy on the “back burner”! Just setting it aside (for a short time), to take care of important things! Such as, Living quarters, New, Bigger Shop, Etc.
    Be Talkin’ to You Soon, God Luv Ya! John

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