Raiders Fan Photo Contest: A Success

Last week we (Artistic Hub) launched a Fan Photo Contest for the OAKLAND RAIDERS. We know the Raiders have fanatical fans and we were excited to allow them to post their own photos and vote on their favorites. They have truly shown their support for the team because the traffic and submissions have been through the roof! GO RAIDER FANS!

Do you know someone that’s a part of the Raider Nation? Tell them about the contest.


1. Submit a photo of you in all of your Raider glory.

2. Vote! The winner is based on public votes, so tweet, post and promote.

3. WIN – new winners announced every Wednesday so get started…
The team offers great prizes including a game football signed by Shane Lechler, tickets to the games and RAIDERS Gear. New Prizes every week. Check it out!


The first 24 hours: 180 Photos Submitted / 100,000 votes

Today – Day 11:  915 Photos Submitted / 555,000 Votes

Fan Engagement… it works! Go Team Hub!

OH, also check out this interesting post from Patrick Dillon about Why Most Contests Don’t Work.


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