Worth a Click

A collection of links that we loved this week.

Incredible Retro Work of Mathiole – holla at a local SDSU student šŸ˜‰ – REALLY beautiful work

Typedia – an encyclopedia of typefaces – a typographers dream!

25 Sites with Lighting Effects – A 3-part post with a great collection of beautiful web design – good inspiration

8 ways to drive a graphic designer man – absolutely hilarious

Marketing Rules and Principles for Freelancers – good tips from Smashing on how to market yourself

20 Fresh & New Design Galleries – really good source for new inspiration – unique because they include inspiration sites that are specific.
EX: inspiration for portfolios/website footers/shopping carts/html5/type/blogs and more…

20 awesome Illustrators for Inspiration – i love the illustrators – their brains work differently

<Funny things for your lunch break>

Don’t Judge My Hair – a.ridiculous b.funny c.disturbingĀ  d.all of the above.


Photoshop Disasters – see hideous photoshop mistakes on real ads – funny
Can you see whats wrong with this photo? Let’s hold hands…


We hope everyone has an amazing Friday –


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