Tracy Chapman – LIVE MUSIC does a body good


I went to the Tracy Chapman concert at Humphrey’s By the Bay in SD last night. The venue is awesome, with fold-out chairs gathered on grass, the bay on one side and the stars above. Ten feet away from the audience is the harbor with sailboats where people gather to get a glimpse of the concert. The sun sets with the girls and I enjoying a drink and listening to Tracy belt out her lyrics with such ease. She seemed so casual, like it was effortless. After the show I couldn’t play any other music or TV show because I didn’t want to taint my ears, and I fell into the deepest sleep I’ve had in a while.  Live music does  a body good.

You have to check out her new CD (even though I’m partial to the oldies) and her new website which is interactive and fun. It starts as a white coloring book and it let’s you choose your color and paint the scene. Each web page offers a new scene to color and is a metaphor for her new CD “Bright New Future.” Let’s all see what impact we can make on the world.



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