15 Awesome Stop-Motion Videos

Have you see these?

Her Morning Elegance / Oren Lavie – probably my favorite. very well done!

The Pen Story – his entire life through photos – cool

Stop motion for STM from Si j’aurais su – all made of paper! I can’t image how difficult that is

Fat City Reprise – Long Gone – cool – LOTS of photos. almost looks like a video

DEADLINE – Post-It Note animation, funny

Save the Date – cute animated wedding invitation

Wolf and Pig – this one gets really good around 1:00 – well done!

Human Skateboard By Sneaux Shoes – classic

Death Cab for Cutie – Little Bribes by Ross Ching – mix of stop-motion and time lapse

Human Tetris – funny

Sia- Breath Me – Music Video See a clearer version on her website. – love it

Moving Graffiti – absolutely amazing

We Have Band / You Came Out – music Video – very strange, but super interesting

Pelayo “CSI” From Motionographer. See how this was made. – cute – another hand-made one

Mykonos – music video – cool working with abstract shapes to create a story


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