Comic-Con San Diego 2009

comic-con09-googleSo, if you don’t know by now… Comic Con is a big deal. Even google got the memo. Comic Con is a 4 day event held at the San Diego Convention Center. It was originally created to feature comic books, and science fiction film and television, but has now expanded to pop culture artists, anime, manga, video games and all things sci-fi. You can find guest appearances by celebrities, artists and pop-culture icons and of course LOTS and LOTS of costumes! The convention is the largest of its kind in the world, filling to capacity the San Diego Convention Center with over 125,000 attendees in 2007. Everyone is tweeting and posting pics from the event AS WE SPEAK. Here are some good ones from the past 2 days:



(Photos by Lantern Waste)


See more photos by Lantern Waste and Crazy Critics.

Learn more at The Official Comic-Con Website


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