Iglu & Hartly Design Competition: Winner 07.20.09

Congratulations Karmen as our first international Iglu & Hartly winner! Karmen is from Finland and her design looks great on apparel. Check out her gear in Iglu & Hartly’s online store. The Iglu & Hartly contest is in full swing. Submit your design today!

Congratulations Karmen!

whynot_karmenThis shirt is on sale now.

About the Artist:
1. Name: Karmen
2. Location: Finland
3. What’s your sign: Libra
4. Dog or Cat: I love both! At the moment I have a black & white cat named Mustikka (Blueberry).
5. Mac or PC: I can manage with both, but have got more used to PC
6. If you could be a font what would you be? Trebuchet or Arial
7. What blogs/websites do you love? I use LiveJournal a lot and Last.fm is useful too. Also, REanything (http://reanything.wordpress.com) is a great blog about recycling and ecodesign written by my friends sister. Unfortunately it’s only in Finnish though.
8. How long have you been a fan of Iglu & Hartly? Only about two weeks now! I was lucky to stumble upon them by listening to certain Spotify party playlist, and suddenly I heard this song I just had to play again and again and again (In This City, obv).
9. What was your inspiration for this design? I started sketching with nothing specific on my mind (besides Iglu & Hartly of course). Also, I have to say that this is the first artwork I have ever done with Photoshop. Big thanks to my little brother, who taught me a lot about it.
10. What is your favorite medium? Pencil & photography it is.
11. What inspires you? People, music, life.
12.  What is the most played on your itunes? Most played band is Iglu & Hartly, most played song is In This City.


Think you can design better?
the next Iglu & Hartly tee and VOTE for your favorites.

Click to see the Official Iglu & Hartly store.


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