The wearable CD – the music industry shifts

Everyone knows the music industry is shifting and even CD’s are becoming obsolete these days. While reading Holiday Matinee, I came across a post about The Music Tee– a wearable CD. Created by Invisible DJ and LnA clothing, the Music Tee has some sweet art on the front and the complete track list on the back. The inside label has a promo code so you can go online to download the album. Amazing.



2 thoughts on “The wearable CD – the music industry shifts

  1. I got the same press release, but was unimpressed by the $60 price tag of the shirt to be sold in “high end boutiques and department stores”. I remember someone at North By North Park last year saying, “pretty soon, you won’t be selling your music. So why not sell a t-shirt and give the music for free.” People are finally doing it, but it’s something unsigned bands could really model. I’d personally never pay $60 for a shirt, free music or not.

  2. Yeah SDdailenin, I agree $60 is a little pricey. I think it’s a cool concept that will catch on quick. If they can get the t-shirt prices down, it’s a good deal. I would buy a t-shirt at a concert for $15 bucks, so you might as well make it $20 and throw in the music. We shall see… WHO IS NEXT?! ha

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