Iglu & Hartly Design Competition – Weekly Winner

We are happy to announce the second weekly winner of the Iglu & Hartly design competition. Iglu & Hartly is running a weekly design competition with awesome prizes, including 2 free tickets to their concert! If you’re not familar with Iglu & Hartly, check out some of their tunes here.

Congratulations Nick!


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1. Name: Nick
2. Location: Chicago
3. What’s your sign: Aquarius
4. Nickname: Stormin
5. Paper or Plastic: Paper
6. Dog or Cat: Dog
7. Mac or PC: I’m a PC
8. School/Grad year: School of the Arts & Architecture @ the University of Illinois at Chicago/ May 2006
9. How long have you been a fan of Iglu & Hartly? Following them ever since I knew Jarvis started DJ Iglu & Hartly Dark with their album Endless Circles, so pre-2004.
10.What was your inspiration for this design? Iglu & Hartly being larger than life, or at least larger than any living to walk this planet.
11. What is your favorite medium? Digital
12. What inspires you? Architecture. Art. Music. Color. History. People. And the thought that anything is possible. If you think it, it can be done.
13. What is the most played on your itunes? Iglu & Hartly, and the rest of the “electronic indie” music genre
14. Who are the designers/artists who have influeneced or inspired you? Frank Lloyd Wright. Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Frank Gehry. Le Corbusier. Louis Sullivan. Renzo Piano. Sir Norman Foster. Tadao Ando.  Roy Lichtenstein. Andy Warhol. Wassily Kandinsky.


Think you can design better?
the next Iglu & Hartly tee and VOTE for your favorites.

Click to see the Official Iglu & Hartly store.


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