Iglu & Hartly Design Competition – Weekly Winner

Iglu & Hartly is running a weekly design competition with awesome prizes, including 2 free tickets to their concert! Every week we will be interviewing the winner and sharing it with you. PS – if you don’t know who Iglu & Hartly is… YOU SHOULD. They are an amazing band with an insane style. Their music is fun and they are electric on stage. Listen Here.

Congratulations Morgan!


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1. Name: Morgan
2. Location: Ojai!
3. What’s your sign: Taurus
4. Nickname: Mo
5. Paper or Plastic: paper is best
6. Dog or Cat: german shep
7. Mac or PC: PC
8. If you could be a font what would you be? I just remember using comic sans a lot when i was younger
9. What blogs/websites do you love? i do facebook a lot, texts from last night, and unfortunately perez hilton
10. School/Grad year: Loyola Marymount University/ May 2010
11. Company: (if applicable) none
12. How long have you been a fan of Iglu & Hartly? dont remember when, but i was a fan when they opened up for shiny toy guns at ventura theatre
13. What was your inspiration for this design? i like pop art, so this worked
14. What is your favorite medium? i like it all, but i loveeee ceramics
15. What inspires you? everything i guess?
16. What is the most played on your itunes? iglu and hartly of course, plus lil wayne


Think you can design better?
the next Iglu & Hartly tee and VOTE for your favorites.

Click to see the Official Iglu & Hartly store.


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