20 Questions with Andy Hixon

So we are starting a new series of artist interviews called “20 Questions with…” We will be talking to painters, sculptors, designers, animators, filmmakers, you name it! We love to learn more about the people who inspire us so we can see the heart behind the creations. If you have any artists that inspire you, hit us up on twitter @dailydesignfix and we will get in touch with them. Enjoy!
hixon1 When I first saw Andy Hixon’s “The Bedroom,” (seen above) I was overwhelmed with emotion. I think I held my breath for a good 12 seconds. Sometimes you come across compelling art and I truly believe that is what we have here. Now, more about Andy: Andy hixon pic 2

1. Name: Andy Hixon

2. Location: Manchester

3. Date of Birth: 18/06/82

4. Height: 5.7 (I think)

5. Whats your favorite medium?
Mixed media & Digital

6. Whats your work environment like?
A total and utter cramped mess full of cable wiring and clay everywhere

7. About how long do you spend on your art pieces?
Anywhere from 1 day to a month

8. Whats messages or themes do you portray in your work?
I like to portray the ‘everyday’ aspects of life through a slightly warped visual style.


9. What is your first art-making memory as a kid?
I used to have a fascination with drawing Big Rig Trucks with Felt Tip’s when I was about 6 or 7.

10. What are you doing when you are not doing your mixed media projects?
Usually going down the pub with my mates

11. Something about yourself the average person wouldn’t guess?
Emm… I’m a Left Handed, Half Irish ,Diabetic that can cook an awesome curry!

12. If you could be a color what would you be?
Purple I think

13. What makes you smile?
My girlfriend and her increasingly bizarre scenes of humour

14. Can’t stand:
People that talk too much and really have ‘nothing to say‘ and pretentiousness

15. Can’t live without:
My head

16. Words to live by
Humbleness = Happiness

17. Last passport stamp:

18. Most played in your itunes?
At the moment Protest the Hero, Minus, Head Automatica and Cult of Luna

19. Who are the designers/artists who have influenced or inspired you?
There are loads!, but I suppose Dave McKean , Jordin Isip and Henry Moore are the main ones


20. Have you any advice for new and aspiring illustrators?
Yes, don’t follow trends too closely that you see in design/illustration etc, especially if you are studying, gather a wide and varied source of influence/inspiration.  That and loads of experimentation, make a total mess learning your craft and have fun with it but also learn from your mistakes, and most of all and by far the most important thing is to enjoy what you do!


Learn more about Andy here:


3 thoughts on “20 Questions with Andy Hixon

  1. He said “pub”, awesome. That shit is sick! And in case there is any cultural differences here, sick = awesome, just didn’t want to say it twice.

    Thanks for sharing M&M.


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