New URL and 11 sweet links from this week

We have a new URL! YAY! No one can remember that old one so now we are on 🙂 The other will still forward, but at least it will be easier to find us.

Worth a Click: Here are some fun links Michelle and I stumbled on this week.

7 More Useful Tips to Help your Site Convert > Smashing Magazine
(the 2nd part of a series about how to make your website sell!)

Bread Woman > Sayaka Yamamoto
(enough said)

Daikichi Amano > Veer
(films and photos with girls and eels, bugs, frogs and more… CREEPY. OR hot… depending on what you’re into)

One Show logo design finalists > David Airey
(the 2009 awards are around the corner, see the beautiful logo design finalists here)

Things I have learned in my life so far > Synaptic Stimuli
(beautiful photos and message)

Firework Art by Rosemarie Fiore > Design Milk
(michelle: “it’s really cool. I want to do it.”)

30 Impressive Ad photographs by Marc Paeps > Abduzeeedo
(i laughed, i cried, i felt uncomfortable – good work)

Digital Artist 2009 > Dexigner
(new competition for digital art)

Video by Hye Yeon Nam > Zank
(who is going forward and who is going in reverse?)

Aurele Sack > Aisle One
(you know you’re a designer when this simple type turns you on)

Fail Whale Store > Jimmy Hendricks
(get your fail whale on a t-shirt WOW)

PS- blog re-design COMING SOON! Have a good weekend everyone.



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