WE HUB: Life is Good

WE HUB: Life is Good

WHO IS LIFE IS GOOD? Life is Good is a New England based brand that stays close to its roots, with an emphasis on simplicity, humor and humility. They share their message of optimism through positive products, festivals and more.
bertandjohn They began in 1989 selling t-shirts door-to-door and sleeping in their van, as they traveled around the East Coast.  Little did they know, their success was based on their smiles. In 1994 the “Jack smile” was printed on a tee and they went like wild fire! Suddenly, people got it.

smileSince then, Life is Good has expanded their product line to everything from t-shirts, to hats, to bags, umbrella’s, coolers, candles, mugs… you get the picture. I don’t know another site that has such a complete product line. Watch the story on NBC’s The Today Show.

WHY WE HUB THEM? Their message of optimism kicks butt. We love working with like-minded people and we can relate to their t-shirt company trials because we just launched Collar Free last year. Life is Good is a major sponsor of Project Joy, an organization that believes play is the single most important activity in the life of a child. Its mission is to ensure that nothing, including poverty, trauma or any other societal injustice, stands in the way of healthy play for young children. They will be putting on major events across the US to help raise money for the Life is Good Kids Foundation and kids in need. Look out people, it’s a company with heart! 🙂

We love these:


HOW WE CAN HELP: Artistic Hub could team up with Life is Good to run a t-shirt design competition for the Life is Good Kids Foundation. Kids and adults could design a t-shirt for the foundation and the public could vote for their favorite right on lifeisgood.com. Art is a positive outlet for kids of all ages and it would be so fun to let THEM decide which t-shirt they want to wear at the next event! The winning t-shirt could be sold and worn at all the events – awesome for fundraising and a great way to get people involved. How does it work? See the Sports Illustrated KIDS t-shirt contest going on now! (this requires a log-in) Or see the Interactive Day San Diego Design contest.

Their quality products and message of optimism reminds us all that life IS good and this is why we hub them!

-mel & michelle


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