High Trek Adventure San Diego


Last weekend Mel and I teamed up to participate in San Diego’s first ever High Trek Adventure. We designed High Trek’s new storefront and decided a team building exercise with the Artistic Hub/Collar Free crew would be a perfect Saturday afternoon. Split into teams of two, Jimmy and Pat and Mel and I hit the streets of San Diego. Dressed to kill with our matching Collarfree Obama tees, headbands and matching socks we were ready to dominate anyone that got in our way. Mel and I recommend High Trek Adventure to everyone! We had a blast exploring the city in a new way. There were about 180 participants ranging from teams of two to groups of families, and there was even a baby!

High Trek Adventure is a unique urban race where brain meets brawn. Teams solve clever clues and face fun challenges all while navigating the urban landscape via foot or public transportation. That means: no cabs, bikes or skates. You have to bring your digital camera and take pics in front of each checkpoint. Mel and I prefer to jump. Jason Hofsess, High Trek’s head honcho was super nice and excited to have everyone there. The next adventure is April 11th in Austin.



High Trek Results:
Jimmy and Pat came in 8th with a time of 2:02:35
Mel and I came in 22nd with a time of 2:33:55

You know what that means?!!! The top 25 qualify for the Vegas Championship in November and we’re there baby!

Check out High Trek and find out when an adventure is coming to a city near you:
High Trek Blog , High Trek Adventure Official Gear , High Trek Adventure website

We just wanted to thank High Trek, specifically Jason for letting us come out and particpate in such a great event! Can’t wait to do it again.

-michelle & mel


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