WE HUB: “Wexley School for Girls”c


Our new weekly feature will focus on people/companies we hub (hub meaning love). We don’t want to freak anybody out by saying we hub you. It’s nothing weird, we promise.

THIS WEEK , WE HUB: Wexley School for Girls!

WHO IS WEXLEY? Don’t be fooled by the name. Wexley is not a school. Wexley School for Girls is an advertising agency based in Seattle founded by Ian Cohen and Cal McAllister.

WHY WE HUB THEM: basically because they’re awesome! They are ridiculous and smart rolled into a ball of wacky and offbeat. We love their non-traditional approach to advertising that extends far beyond print and tv ads. They look beyond the obvious, preserve a little mystery in their work without plastering their clients name all over but still creating interest (check out the huge pushpins placed all over Seattle for Microsoft). We love that they focus on a small core audience and engage their audience on and off the streets (Hey Genius” campaign for Microsoft).

Take a look at their short films, “Winner Take Steve” for example which was made for Nike. This spot featured a couple of nerdy kids at summer camp and has spread over the Internet and was shown at more than 20 film festivals.  It doesn’t show one bit of Nike’s brand in the ad, which is so intriguing.  “People are spending more time getting branding messages than ever before,” says Cal McAllister, Wexley’s co-founder. “To reach them, it just takes a marketing department to think entirely differently.”

WHAT WE CAN DO FOR THEM: Artistic Hub would love to be part of the Wexley madness. We think a t-shirt design contest would be a perfect fit for Wexley and their fun interactive website. I could sit and play on Wexley’s site all day but if there were a design competition on their site I would never leave. It would be hilarious. I would love to rock a sweet tee with a ‘sexley wexley’ saying or my personalized pirate horoscope. Or even better partner with the Hub to help and show your clients even more fun keeping in sync with the Wexley way!

Their outrageous approach has landed them clients like Nike, Microsoft, Sprite and T Mobile. The fun, high energy, offbeat creativity and use of threats in obtaining clients is why WE HUB THEM!

-mel & michelle

*read the entire article from Inc here.


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