CURVY – YEN Mag releases an all female artist exhibition & book


YEN Magazine brings you an exhibition and book featuring 120 of the most exciting female graphic artists and illustrators in the world. This ALL-GIRL book, CURVY, is gaining some major attention in the art world and anticipation as they gear up to launch their 6th edition of the exhibition and book.

CURVY kicks off the national tour in Sydney:
April 2nd (tomorrow) @ Mori Gallery
168 Day Street Sydney (on the edge of China Town & Darling Harbour)
They will be releasing more tour dates soon.

The book includes works from:



Giulia Balladore

Tanja Szekessy

Sarah Larnach


Sara Blake

Ameesha Earshaw

See the complete list of Curvy artists and check back for tour dates.

YEN Magazine is an Austrailian, independent publication for women that focuses more on arts and society and less on how to look hot in your brand name bikini. Definitely worth a click. 🙂


1 thought on “CURVY – YEN Mag releases an all female artist exhibition & book

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