Films to add to your MUST SEE list

Last night was Oscar night I attended an Oscar soiree to enjoy the awards and take part in a little friendly wager. The Oscars are a lot more interesting when there is money involved! The awards reminded me of the movies I need to see and with Kate Winslet’s acceptance speech fresh on my mind, “The Reader” is first on my list.

On that note, Michelle and I have compiled a list of movies we’ve seen recently that were NOT mentioned at the Academy Awards, were not all made in 2008, but were all EXCELLENT.

Towelhead – Absolutely compelling. I couldn’t get this movie out of my head for days.


XXY – a beautiful and brave story that you could only see from an independent film


Volver – very entertaining! Shows the unity of women and an excellent performance from Penelope Cruz. LOVE it.


Bella – a endearing story of love


Frauleine – a interesting interaction that lets us explore more about two women and their everyday lives – GREAT characters


Lust, Caution – sexual, violent, deceitful and loving. an excellent movie.


The Squid and the Whale hilarious story about a typical dysfunctional family. Cast couldn’t be more perfect.


Smart People – very funny with unexpected twists – much better than this poster design. i promise.


Manufactured Landscapes a fantastic documentary with stunning imagery of man-made material and debris in China from the Industrial Revolution. Highly recommended.



4 thoughts on “Films to add to your MUST SEE list

  1. Thanks for the read Cinema Hub! Let’s hub it out.

    Our new company is called Artistic Hub and we hub putting the word “hub” in place of real words. You should try it.

    PS- looks like your site has a lot of great resources~

  2. Great post! Have been reading your blog for a while now, and am delurking because I enjoy the variety.

    Can’t wait to check those movies off the list one at a time.

  3. Thanks Julie! Let us know how the movie watching goes and if you have any movie recommendations, send them our way.

    Also, if you have a favorite topic, let us know and we’ll keep the posts coming. 🙂

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