Women in Moustaches

ddWomen have been pushing the limits and wearing fake moustaches to express their distaste for the strict gender roles society has imposed upon them. OR… it’s just a trend! Either way, we are seeing a major comeback for the stache in men and women alike.

“According to an article in the ‘Journal of Nonverbal Behavior,’ men grow moustaches, beards, and sideburns when they have difficulty getting hitched. In fact, data from 1842–1971 suggests that the number of men with moustaches increases when there is an ample supply of single men on the prowl. Conversely, the moustache ratio decreases when men are cheating.” (Found on Trend de la Creme) Well honey- if this is right, then the men and women are prowling! Huffington Post has named 2009 The Year of the Moustache, and we have already seen them in film, television and on the runway.


Bernhard Willhelm, Fall 2008


Bernhard Willhelm, Spring 2009


Vivienne Westwood


Photograph by: Bethany Ramella

There are lots of new items to help you support the moustache, some good and some bad. If you want to get your moustache on, try out these French vs. American Moustache gloves by Jack Spade.


Also this great beard cap from Vik Prjonsdottir.


moustachemeHere is a quick fix (stickers) from Moustache Me.

Katy Perry rockin’ a self-adhesive moustache from fredflare.com.


Beautiful Moustache Necklace by Digby and Iona.


Everybody is doing it! Even Lindsay Lohan. Here she is wearing a necklace by Demistasse Jewelry.


Oh and the ever popular: fingerstache! This is a tattoo of a moustache on your finger. There is even a Fingerstache website dedicated to fingerstachers everywhere.


All hail Lip Hair! Now Frida is stylish again 🙂


5 thoughts on “Women in Moustaches

  1. I think the trend is a wonderful start to the new year 2009 and men should start wearing lipstick and maybe even shimmer….when will people realize that gender doesn’t matter…we are all people…

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