Christmas tree or no christmas tree?

Hate watering a dead tree? Worried about fire hazards? No space in your tiny apartment? Sick of vacuuming up pine needles until the summer? Start your ‘Green Holiday’ tradition in 2008 with a vinyl Christmas tree. Say what?! Some NYC artists teamed up with Artware Editions to create an environmentally-sound alternative to the living Christmas tree. The trees are die-cut vinyl wall-stickers that can be applied directly to the wall by easily removing the paper off the back or pinning it up.  Each limited edition tree comes in a tube that be reused year after year making your holiday decorating less stressful. Missing that Christmas tree smell? Get your fix with a pine-scented candle at your local market. Pick up your limited edition, $100 vinyl Christmas tree here.


tree2Whether it’s living, plastic or a vinyl die cut I wish everyone a very merry ‘green’ chrismas.


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