Say Farewell to the Poloroid

poloroidsmPolaroid has just announced that it will discontinue the production of instant Polaroid film. They halted production of cameras about a year ago and they said this would officially be the last month of production. With every camera and cellphone giving you instant photos, the love of the Polaroid was doomed to fizzle.

This is a sad day for all. I have owned my Polaroid for only about 2/3 years and I am a huge fan. The gritty quality, color and shape of the little images is so unique and you never know what you’re going to get! With Polaroids you won’t have all of your friends instantly looking over your shoulder to see if they look fat in that pic and demanding a re-shoot. It’s captures a moment and there is no going back.

polaroid_newPolaroid has just released a new PoGo Instant Printer, which prints 2×3 inch photos with a peel off sticky back using no ink (Learn about this new print by ZINK) It’s great, but just not the same. Let’s see if this catches on…

People have banned together online and in blogs to share their stories about the original Polaroids. Check out to share your instant photos and to learn how you can help Save the Polaroids!

See an old Polaroid commercial from the 60’s: (Kind of hard to see – but still entertaining!)

Here is another adorable Polaroid commercial.



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