Gluhwein and The Uglysuit

decembernightsWe made it out to December nights this weekend and it was amazing. I’m lucky enough to be able to walk to Balboa Park from mi casa, which was convenient as the event brought approx 300,000 people and too many cars. Balboa Park was busting at the seams with families of all shapes and sizes. Great for people watching. 🙂 The international houses opened their doors and you could get Lebanese food, Chinese food, Scottish food… anything your heart desired. They had a full carnival with a Ferris wheel, vendors selling gifts and performances by dance teams and choirs. What an event. My favorites were the Peruvian dance, Indian dance and the blind choir.

The second night I tried some Gluhwein (warm wine w/brandy and other fun ingredients) and it was the perfect drink for a cool winter night. Too bad it was warm in SD and I was sweating in my jacket… damn global warming! After the park we headed to the Casbah to see The Uglysuit perform. We actually met them outside and they helped us get 2 of our group in because they were sold out. Here is Zank and The guys from The Uglysuit. uglysuitsmSo down to earth, so chill and their music was amazing!  Check out The Uglysuit Website or their MySpace. Here we are rockin’ out. Or at least I am! theuglysuit2


Here is a video of  The Uglysuit @ the Casbah. Go to their website to hear more!

Courtesy of! Check it.


3 thoughts on “Gluhwein and The Uglysuit

  1. That was such a fun night! The Uglysuit rocked it and well, what is there to complain about when you have wine, food, friends and Santa? Awesome.

  2. I agree! SO FUN. I’m not sure there will ever be a December nights that fun again. Good planning Zank and Michelle 🙂

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