Blurb :: Real Books Made by You

blurb01Have you ever wanted to create your own hard-covered book? Blurb is a new website that let’s you add whatever photos or content you want and they will bind it and send it to you! You can choose a soft cover or a hard cover and they come in a variety of sizes. Prices start at $12.95 for a square (7 x 7) softcover book and go up to $56.95 hardcover book with image wrap. Still a great deal to have your own memories bound safe and sound.

I downloaded the Blurb bookmaking software to see how it works.blurb03

The interface is pretty user-friendly. You are restricted to the certain layouts, but they have a good amount of options and they are all pretty standard.

This is great for wedding photos, baby photos, grandma’s cook book, your own photography book, portfolios, travel photos, blog books… the list goes on and on. has tons of cool book examples for inspiration. My mind is racing on what I would want to make. AH there is so many! Michelle is a bookmaker and I’m sure she would tell you this takes the love out of creating your own bound book, but even she agrees, this is a sweet deal. They deliver in 7-10 days and you will have this forever. I want to make some for Christmas presents! Check out Blurb to make your own book.



2 thoughts on “Blurb :: Real Books Made by You

  1. I have spent 1/2 hour trying to log in to register, have tried many different passwords/usernames. It comes out wrong each time no matter what I do.

    Can you tell me how to manage this?

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