Creative Wallpaper – make a statement in any room

Wallpaper has taken on a whole new meaning. No more, yucky brown, awkward texture… these artists have used the wall as a canvas to create a bold statement with techniques I’ve never seen before. I would love to have this in my office or bedroom! Some can be over-powering, but they are so beautiful!

Check out this light emitting wallpaper by Jonas Samson. I don’t fully understand it, but I like it.


You will never be bored again with the paint-by-number wallpaper by Jenny Wilkinson. Simple application with water and you can paint/draw for hours. Great for kids and you too – for little artist in all of us!


If you like the “create-your-own wallpaper” idea, check out this one I found on Graham & Brown. It comes with a simple frame outline and you add whatever you like: your art, photos or quotes.


Fern has created beautiful, bold wallpaper for that modern chic home. Love it.


Flavor Paper probably has the largest collection of wallpaper out of all the links I’m posting today. If you’re not afraid to make a statement, you can use some of these dynamic patterns in your home or business. These would be fun for a cafe or lounge.


Wook Kim also has a creative collection of wall coverings. He uses a lot more color which was be over-powering, but fun. He incorporates animals and shapes to create a unique design.


Twenty2 offers some sweet wallpaper that is a little more pricey, but fun to look at.


For wall art with less fuss, check out these awesome wall decals from Blik.



2 thoughts on “Creative Wallpaper – make a statement in any room

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