Awesome USB drives

Fun USB drives are popping up everywhere lately. They are super fun and there are so many out there to choose from. One of my favorite blogs I keep up with is DesignMilk. They post really cool designed items from accessories, architecture, furniture, graphic design pieces & paper goods and their post on delicious usb drives is what sparked this topic. I would love to see what crazy types of usb drives you guys find, email me at

The 10 Most Delicious USB drives on the market:


Got Wood? Purchase these fun wood stick usb’s at the Supermarket


USB Jewerly? Toni Welter has created some masterpieces that I would love to own.


Another blog that I follow is Designer They have done a great job at finding a great set of creative usb drives. Below are some of my favorites:

Mimobot has these great little monsters. You’ll want to collect them all!


The exercising dog and the humping dog below. Make sure you check out the vid, it’s hilarious 🙂



Wake up to your usb alarm clock:usb-alarm-clock

If you can’t afford these snazzy usb drives. Make your own sawed off usb cord like the one below:



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