A Historical Election


Today is the day. The day that the people come together and vote for the next president of the United States. Even though it’s raining here in San Diego, people are heading to the polls. Michelle is registered in her home town, and she drove all the way there and back(5 hours) this morning just to get her vote in! Go Michelle! We wear our stickers with pride. đŸ™‚


01 Awesome “I Voted” Stickers. Go Vote now!

02 Obama “Hope” shirt. Obama’s face made up of his own words. BUY NOW for $20 @ Collar Free!

03 Obama pin from Collar Free available on Zazzle.

How do you feel about the elections?


The New York Times has created an interactive graphic asking the public to describe their current state of mind on this historical election day. Click to participate and see what others are saying.
(Found on GOOD/blog)

Here are some local events in San Diego celebrating the elections:

Obama for America (Official Event) @ Stingaree

AC Lounge Party in Normal Heights

More Events in San Diego from DiscoverSD.com

Events in LA from KIIS FM

More events from SDDemocrats


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