Happy Halloween!

Bwa hah hah… it’s scare time. NOT! It’s time for everyone in SD between the ages of 18 and 45 to dress up and drink too much alcohol followed by lots of candy! Why does target have to make those candy bags SO large and cheap! The women never cease to entertain, as everyone knows, everything goes on Halloween and some girls love to let it all hang out for our entertainment. Pirates hooking up with mermaids…. I think I’m going to find the man of my dreams tonight.

So in the office we have: Michael Phelps, Betty Page, a 70’s diva, a cowboy and well…. we’re not sure what Jimmy is… hopefully he’ll think of something before tonight! haha

Most Popular Costumes (according to James Taylor – found on Article Base)

Men: <classic> Ghost, Pirate. New: Batman and The Joker (why so serious?)

OH- and I’m sure we’ll see some Obamas and maybe some McCains around town. Those masks freak me out…

Women: <classic> Witch, Cat and anything that comes out of a package labeled “Sexy __________”

Babies: Pumpkins, fairies, animals: lions, elephants and dinosaurs – elephants?! really? that’s rude… but probably incredibly cute.

Girls: Princess, fairy & of course: Hannah Montana – I wonder if Miley Cyrus & Disney understand their impact

Boys: Jedi knight (which must be more for the parents), spiderman, pirate

Pets: devil, pumpkin, angel – I want to dress my cat like a dog! Well I would if I had a cat…

Do people dress up at work? Just curious who actually goes to work in their outfit. I want to see pirates, fairies, vikings and cowboys around the water cooler! Is that awkward? haha We’re a small start-up so anything goes here. But really, if you dress up at your office, let me know and tell me how it all goes.

Have a fun halloween everyone!


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