Library + Infographics = fun!

A trip to the library can be the cure to designer’s block. Mel and I took a long overdue trip to the library yesterday to help jump start us on a new project. It’s a great place for design inspiration no matter what section you might wander into. The coolest projects I have ever created have been inspired through the rummaging of old books. My latest craze has been infographics. Check out science books, old technical diagrams, maps and blueprints. These unconventional sources can greatly influence your design.

Check out:

History Shots
This website has high-quality info graphics that provide context & interesting subjects, time periods and events.

Edward Tufte’s book “Envisioning Information”
I used this book in school. The context is heavy and can be a bit boring, but the images are well worth it.

The Virtual Water Project:
One side of this poster visualizes the water footprint of selected nations,emphasizing the im- & export of virtual water. The other shows the virtual water content of selected foods & commodities. I love the minimalistic design, silhouettes, single bright color and clean typography. bravo.

Wired Magazine: “The Future of Food: How science will solve the next global crises

Super cool very informative graphics about the “Green Revolution”.

(no cows were hurt in the making of these graphics)


2 thoughts on “Library + Infographics = fun!

  1. Loved the article about your visit to the library. I was bitten by the infographics bug long ago, but had to adapt it to my audience. There’s some fun stuff on my weblog if you’re interested.
    Keep up the good (fun) work.

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