Information Graphics + Politics

Here is a little information graphics made by yours truly. Let’s do a little math with inadament objects.

Based on the general public, it’s safe to say that ice cream is greater than poo and ice cream equals ice cream. Now let’s apply that to people:

Get it?! Who are we to say that someone is greater than the other and who cares who holds hands at the lunch table?

Diversity is what is so great about America and especially California. I love that I can eat Thai food, Mexican, Spanish Tapas, Afghan and Indian food at multiple places between 4th and 8th downtown. Freedom is what we pride ourselves on, so let’s not create a law that takes away rights.

VOTE NO ON PROP 8! It’s wrong. Just because a girl likes another girl, she doesn’t get the same rights? Prop 8 is about human rights, not gay rights. This doesn’t even affect heterosexual people, but you agree that it’s wrong, don’t be apathetic and HOPE it doesn’t pass, VOTE NO to ensure it doesn’t pass.

Read more here:

I just think we should all get along. 🙂



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