TGIF: political randomness

Diliana and I made our first film pitch to investors yesterday! She is the writer and director for her film “Mended” and I am doing all of the graphic design & promotional work. I’ll post more about this next week with images from our poster mock-ups.

It’s almost election time and I think everyone is going insane.


Found: SF Gate

Found: Glark Blog Found: Drawn Blog- Build-O-Bama

Assessing the Obama and McCain donors

Found: ArtThreat Blog

Found: I, Splotchy

Found: BallotVox Found: Flickr

Who will babies vote for?

Political Graffiti:

Mccain and Obama Halloween costume. hideous

Found: LaLate News Mccain available for purchase @ Walmart!

Check out the political argument happening on the walls of a rest stop bathroom: Flickr

There is tons of great political art, so maybe I’ll post more later. Have a good weekend everyone!



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