I <3 typography (part 1)

I love typography. We’ve had a love/hate relationship over the years but love conquers all as they say. Right? I struggled with typography through school trying to stay consistent yet creative with my grids and fresh with my type choices. As I furthered my education in design and in my career I find it my absolute favorite tool to work with. I find inspiration in really clean modern layouts, san serif fonts, tons of white space and irregular grids. If you love typography or need a little inspiration for a project check out Antonio Carusone’s blog I found called Aisleone.

I go bananas for this type of design:

I love the diagonal grid and the fluorescent hue (PANTONE 807).

The re-branding of NYC’s Museum of Arts and Design by Pentagram is super creative and well done. One of my favorite designers and typographic genius, Paula Scher, has contributed to this studio for years. Below is some of the work that made her famous:

(top left: oola candy packaging, 1988, below, one of Scher’s famous painting of maps, right: poster for swatch watch USA, 1984; bottom left: Poster for Metropolis Net@work Conference, 2000; Bottom right: environmental graphics for New Jersey Performing Arts Center, 2001)

I was walking from the train in New Jersey to a friends house and spotted the environmental graphics for the Performing Arts Center between buildings. It was so cool to see something I studied in school, in person on such a random occasion.

For more fun typography check out I Love Typography.com:

If you have any typogrpahy you love, send it over and I’ll post it in part 2.



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