Music is my heartbeat

I hope everyone had a great weekend! A friend of mine called me at 8 pm on Friday saying he had an extra ticket to the Angels and Airwaves and Weezer concert! I missed Tokyo Police Club who also performed that night, but I heard they were awesome. I came in the middle of the Angels and Airwaves performance and they had so much energy! I’m not familiar with all of their music, but they sounded GREAT live. Weezer rocked my world with a mix of their old classics and new stuff. They also had tons of energy and gave an entertaining performance. They are all very talented and I was impressed. I love live music. (Photo to the left was taken on my iphone) Since I’m on the topic, here are some other artists that are “most played” in our office right now: (I also made notes about their websites. It’s interesting to see how a band brands themselves online.)

Cold War Kids

– LRG img in BG – vlack and white, bold headers


– the anti-design, a new trend of bright colors, tiled BG and ugly fonts

LOVE the music, don’t love the style

Mates of State

classic, sophisticated and hand-drawn

Yael Naim

– miz of textures, watercolor and hand-drawn effect with photos


the anti-design + flash – my ultimate nightmare… still love her music though


simple, text-based, bought her CD last week and can’t get it out of my head


-another anti-design – white BG, too many colors, hand-drawn elements

Death for Cutie

-sweet retro-vibe

Lee Coulter

-myspace for now, but working on new website – aussie style

Brett Dennen

-water-color effects


-cool collage site, photos and stamps from travels

Tegan and Sara

-text based + LRG BG image

Tori Amos

-changes her website to match her CD art, this one is very urban, graphic design-y

Of Montreal

-hand-drawn + collage


One thought on “Music is my heartbeat

  1. Thanks for the mention, girls! Another of my absolute favorites is the artwork done by The Ugly Suit; all hand-drawn using colored pencils. Awesome, and their music is the bomb!

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