Get Cutsey, Toys for Tots inspiration

I’m super excited about the Toys for Tots design competition. I think it’s a really good charity for the community and designing for a cause gets me really excited. I’ve been having a little trouble clearing out my mind and coming up with a fresh idea. So for those of you with designers block here are a few ideas and some inspiration to help get you started designing:

Be cute. When I think of the design I would create for Toys for Tots I try to think back to things I went mental for in my childhood: climbing trees, playing tag, and terrorizing the neighborhood on my bike. Keep it young, playful, cute and not too serious. Try simplicity. Less is more in some cases. When designing you may also think about what a supporter of Toys for Tots might wear. Think American, Marines, patriotic, gifts, holidays etc. When I think of kids and designing for kids I think of games, stuffed animals, army men, pets, toys, dinosaurs, ponies, rainbows, bambi…you get the idea 🙂

For cuteness overload check out Meomi’s website:

Get inspired from cutsey patterns:

These whimsical painting from Trish Grantham are awesome:

Check out these cool tees for tots from

Ok these are even too cute for me. Hope this helps 🙂
We’ve already got a few awesome submissions from Jerron and Huebucket from collar free. Lets keep ’em coming.



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