Movie Poster Design (part 1)

So I’m working on some a movie poster design for a new film that is written and directed by my friend Diliana. I’m having fun doing some research on movie posters, so I wanted to share some of my favorites.

Here are the top rated posters on

#1:The Sin of Nora Moran (Beautiful traditional art)

#2:American Beauty (classic w/the rose – provacative)

#6 – Lord of War (Cool effect where his face is made of bullets)

#7 – The secretary (Do you think that this is just in the top 10 because she is a hot girl bending over?)

#9: Straw Dogs (I love the close cropped photo. The broken glasses and dramatic stare convey he emotion in the film)

#10: Hard Candy (Good use of white space and drama. The image is emotional and compelling.)

#25: Unfaithful (Is it the poster or the movie that compells me to post this one? The photo on the poster is cropped so appropriately)

#28: Identity (Creative & Interesting. You want to take a closer look…)

#32: Angela (Dramatic sillouettes and shadows. Also using typography!)

#60: Paris, Je’Taime (Artsy – Eiffel Towers in the heart- Text running around the edge like a border.)

#79 – Silence of the Lambs (intruiging)

#85 – Premonition (This reminds me of the typography inspiration I posted last week. Creative and subtle. Not sure it clearly represents the move, but it’s interesting all the same.)

#87: Adaptation (Notice the font. I also notice that the main text is the title and the 3 main actors. Clearly that’s what they are using to sell the film.)

#94: Stalker (Hand-drawn & artsy. love it)

There is another website called Internet Movie which give annual “awards” to the best posters. I’m not sure what their parameters are, but it is a good source to find movie posters.

I like:

Madea’s Family Reunion – cute, tag line is classic, but i guess it works!

Bobby – historical

Love Song for Bobby Long: kind of cheesy but drama, drama, drama

I found a Funny or Die movie on: making fun of the blockbuster posters that always show the actors heads floating in space.Very Funny! Watch the Video!


I’ll doing more research this week so I’ll be posting my findings and my new movie poster sketches!


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