Monday Morning Mash-Up

On Monday morning, things are flying around in my head and on the web. Here are the things that stuck… aka – the interesting things that I want to share with you:

*** – I keep this in my tabs and refresh it every hour. This lets users post their favorite images on the site. You can also log in and tell them what your interests are, and it automatically feeds the ones you might like. A great source of inspiration and keeps me entertained all day! (Or it would if I wasn’t working… 🙂

***3D Text Effects on – 25 amazing 3D Text images PLUS a TUTORIAL on how to create each one. Sweet…

***The MuzzlerJessica Alba, Hayden Panetierre, and Tristan Wilde get serious about voting. Find out what happens when you don’t vote. Director: Brandon Kraines

***50 Inspiring Vintage Ads from – Awesome for inspiration. NOTICE: simplicity is key

***Typography Video by Brian Shaler – Cool music video of Obadiah Parker’s cover of Outkast’s “Hey Ya.” Only using typography! It’s pretty cool.. Click to view!

***JR Art – While reading the art blog: We Made This I found an article about the amazing large-scale work of JR. Recently posted on fffound, the point he has to make is even larger than his work which have been posted in major cities across the globe.

***Monopoly in Helvetica – Found on AisleOne – this shows the game Monopoly redesigned using only Helvetica… very minimalistic… some graphic designer’s dream! 🙂 HAHA we are nerds…

***Are You a Virgin? Student Design Competition for AIGA – Found this on and was immediately curious. LOTS of sexual innuendos, but beautiful website.


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