Adobe CS4 is out

Adobe just released the beta version of their new CS4 design package. I feel like it was just yesterday that I installed CS3 and I’m shocked that the new version came out so quickly. A few bloggers already got their hands on Illustrator CS4 and have been highlighting the new features.

1) Document Tabs: Why didn’t they do this a long time ago? You can now organize all of your Illustrator windows/documents into tabs at the top of the pg so you can easily toggle back and forth between projects. I hated how they piled up or sat at the bottom, so this will definitely help me.

2) Multiple Art Boards: They took the idea of organization even further and gave you the option of having multiple art boards within one file. This means that you can have one “logo” file and all of the different versions (color/lrg/sm/BW) are stored within that file. Each of the art boards can be edited independently, but are essentially “grouped.”

3) Gradient Transparency: This was virtually impossible in Illustrator before CS4. You also have a lot more control when it comes to the location and direction of the gradients. Beautiful!

4) The Blob Brush: I found this one on GoMediazine. You can draw with the brush and the strokes automatically become a shape. You can then add to the existing shape and color it in with your mouse! No more expanding strokes or trying to combine strokes, this does it all in one swoosh of the mouse! Check out the video on GoMediazine.

As far as Photoshop goes, the new content-aware scaling option is getting quite a buzz! This lets you scale a photo without distorting it. So, if you want your 4×6 photo to be 2×6, you can squish it without it looking like it was squished. WHAAAT? Read more at MacWorld.

Check out this video that Seth sent me. He found it on TechCrunch and this was one of the first videos released explaining this new concept of content-aware scaling.

The creator Shai Avidan was quickly picked up by Adobe and put to work to have it released with the new CS4 package!

I talked to my friend Tai Luxon who is one of the engineers at Adobe. He was one of the master minds behind the interface overhaul and new palette management. Thanks Tai! Working primarily with Photoshop, he has a growing interest in Photography. Many of the other employees at Adobe are also photographers which has let him get on the other side of the table and use the Adobe products for his own work. Tai says that Adobe is constantly working with users with a variety of backgrounds and experience to create features that are both beneficial and accessible. I’ve been working with Photoshop for 4 years and I’m sure I only know the half of it! That program blows my mind sometimes… Check out Tai’s photography on and NO, he can’t get everyone a free copy of CS4. :/

You CAN however, purchase it online. If you have CS, CS2, or CS3, you can upgrade your entire suite for $599. Or you can upgrade your Illustrator to CS4 for $199. PS- There are GREAT discounts for students. That is, if you are not in that “starving student” category and you’re into that whole, purchasing legit programs, sort-of-thing. 😉 I’m still waiting to hear more reviews before I do a complete upgrade, but it looks like Adobe is always coming out with new things to make our lives easier.

Tell me what you think! Have you used the new CS4? Send along any info or updates 🙂

NOTE: I am not supporting illigal downloading or pirating at all! ARGHHHHH


2 thoughts on “Adobe CS4 is out

  1. The reviews seems to be positive. But then again, we get excited about any little upgrade. I feel like the release was a little rushed. I wonder why they pushed to release another $1800 Adobe package so soon. Huh. We shall see…

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